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By: Mjw Timbers  11-11-2011

Pinus patula, taeda elliotu radiata, Eucalyptus saligna (grandis), Meranti and other imported hardwoords.

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Thickness: 25 mm to 76 mm
Width: 38 mm to 304 mm
Length: 0.9 m to 6.6 m
Grades: V5 grade and better (rough sawn and planed)
Stress graded lumber M5/M7/M9
Thickness: 16 mm to 100 mm
Width: 76 mm to 304 mm
Length: 0.9 m to 6.6 m
Grades: Clears. Semi Clears. Selects. Furniture. Industrial. Crating.
Ceiling and flooring boards: Plastic wrapped
Plywood Interior (UF) and Exterior (PF)
Thickness: 4 mm to 32 mm (3 to 11 PLY)
Size: 2.440 m x 1.220 m
Shutterboard and Shutterply (Resin faced)
 Thickness: 18 mm to 21 mm
Laminated Shelving Boards
Thickness: 10 mm to 22 mm
Width: 310 mm to 620 mm
Length: 0.9 m to 3.6 m
Lamstock Pine or Saligna
Thickness: 30 mm to 80 mm
Width: 150 mm to 304 mm and wider
Length: 2.4 m to 7 m