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By: Mixezi  11-11-2011
Keywords: Cement, Energy Saving, Portable Mixer


Mixezi 25L Portable / Manual Mixer is fully collapsible unit and easy to store under a counter or table top.
Able to mix any product quickly and efficiently in smaller quantities the Mixezi 25L Portable Mixer is ideal for Deli's, Butcheries, Restaurants, or Kitchens when mixing of Food, Spices, Chicken or Meat is required.
With just a couple of turns the Mixezi 25L Portable / Manual Mixer will mix almost any product in just seconds providing a fast, consistent and perfect mix every time.


The MIXEZI Portable / Manual Mixer is a manually operated versatile mixer offering a simple and cost effective mixing solution for anyone wanting to mix any product in large quantities without having to mix by hand. MIXEZI Portable / Manual Mixers can be used in any application, requires minimal maintenance and is fully portable weighing in at only 13 kg per unit.The Mixezi 50L Mixer is ideal for mixing Chicken, Spices, Meats or Marinades and can also be used as a Cement / Concrete Mixer, Chemical Mixer or Feed Mixer.The drum is easily cleaned by simply washing it out with hot or cold water.
The MIXEZI Portable / Manual Mixer is an Energy Saving and Eco friendly product.

Butcheries, Deli's, Nurseries, Gardens, Small Holdings, Construction Sites, Labs, Food Industry, Chemical Industry or for anyone wanting to do a mix of Feeds, Fertilizers, Soils, Chemicals, Sand, Stone or Cement

MIXEZI for Mixing Concrete
When the mixing of concrete is required the MIXEZI is the ideal product.
Simply add the required amount of sand and cement into the drum unit ( NO WATER ) close the drum lid then turn the drum clockwise or anti-clockwise and within seconds you will have a perfect cement mix. Tip mix into a wheelbarrow , add water as required and mix in using a shovel.
The MIXEZI portable / manual mixer is a Fast, Efficient and Effective mixing unit that ensures a perfect mix every time without the mess and hassle of you having to mix by hand.With 2-3 Mixezi Mixers strategically placed on a building site or at the point where the bricklaying is taking place, your Mixezi Mixer will provide the brick layer with a constant 100% mix every time, preventing unnecessary wastage, saving you money and time.

Keywords: Cement, Energy Saving, Portable Mixer