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By: Milyn Brazier  11-11-2011

Please read through the entire booklet before embarking on your first use of your Equine Thermal Therapy Blanket (ETTB).

Heat is something so simple and inexpensive…it does not make loud noises, it does not hurt. Heat makes everyone feel better.

What Is Heat?

Heat of an object is determined by how active the molecules and atoms inside it are. The more excited these molecules are, the more heat will be generated. Very basically heat causes vasodilation in blood vessels. Vasodilation means that the vessel dilates and gets bigger and therefore improves fluidity. Good things flow quicker and bad things drain away quicker.

This product does not aim at increasing your horse’s temperature. It is not just a hot blanket. It has been therapeutically designed so that the placements of hot packs are on frequently found problem areas.

Heat has been used for many years as a modality to relieve pain and enhance the recovery process. By putting heat on the most outside layer of a mammal the increased blood flow stimulates an:

•    Increase in cellular metabolism.

This means that the body brings in oxygen and nutrients faster. These help restore muscles to their normal state of health.

•    Increase muscle spindle activity.

•    Increase muscle contractility.

•    Increases extensibility of collagen.

All of the above basically means that muscles stretch further and quicker without placing abnormal demands on the tissue.

•    Increases nerve conduction velocity.

•    Stimulates temperature sensitive nerves.

Therefore nerves respond quicker to demands set to them and also ensures that the muscle is more relaxed.

•    Increased inflammatory response.

Increased blood flow helps wash away inflammatory mediators which can cause pain, much faster.

Because of these tremendous benefits, as a physiotherapist I have found that heat is an effective modality that should never be excluded except in conditions that are acute!

I have developed this simple plan so that we may offer all of these benefits to our horses with comfort and ease.  

Hot Packs

Hot Pack Instructions:

Flex metal disc to activate pack. Liquid will change into crystal.

To re-use put hardened hot pack into boiling water with a cloth at the bottom of the pot. Continue boiling until the crystals have liquified. When the product cools down it is ready to be used again. +- 150 uses. Do not microwave.

The hot packs should be placed inside the provided areas of the ETTB as advised by your physiotherapist.


Do not use heat in very acute conditions. For acute conditions I advise the Equi-Ice Wrap for ultimate relief. The acute stage lasts for 7 days from the beginning of injury, in this time do not use heat but rather encourage vasoconstriction which is a reduction of blood flow to an area that is acutely hurt. It is my advice that you consult with either a vet or a physiotherapist to advise you on the best course of treatment to follow for quick, effective, pain relief and recovery.

This product has been tried and tested and the hot packs do not reach a very high temperature. However neither MB Physio nor Milyn Brazier will take responsibility for faulty hot packs that may get hotter than the proposed temperature. At all times keep your hand under the ETTB so that you may monitor that it is not burning your horse. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your horse.

Please note that some horses are more sensitive to heat than others; therefore it is essential that you always manage your blanket’s temperature.

Included with your ETTB is a photographical booklet with laminated pages compiled by Milyn Brazier Physiotherapist. It is advisable that once you have heated the muscles with hot packs for approximately 15 to 20 minutes you do the recommended stretches for your horse.


Never stretch a horse that has not been warmed up with the ETTB and once warmed with the ETTB only stretch the muscles where you applied heat.

Alternatively always walk your horse for 5 minutes before you start with a stretching programme.

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