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By: Milyn Brazier  11-11-2011
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Saddles are made to fit symmetrical beings and are therefore designed symmetrically. Problem is that most species have a dominant and non dominant side which means that their shoulder heights are not equal.
Still we insist on putting a symmetrical shaped saddle onto their uneven bodies and expecting them to move equally on both sides.

It has been my experience in this industry that so many of the problems I treat daily stem from ill fitting saddles. Tightness on one shoulder because of unevenness of shoulder heights causes a shift of the saddle. All of this leads to an uneven weight displacement of the rider which causes the horse to strain to maintain itself in a straight line.

The EquaNah has been designed on the principal that without damaging your saddle you are able to address the symmetry problems at hand and ensures that by “building” your own numnah correctly, your saddle’s pressure is displaced EQUALLY on your horses back. The EquaNah Endurance has also been made with additional leather pockets for lead weight if it should be desired encouraging your horse to carry extra weight required with momentum on the side of their bodies as opposed to on their actual back.

The EquaNah is able to assist with riders leaning too far back on their horses, horses with very high withers, horses that constantly trip, horses that regularly change shape and primarily it encourages the optimal movement from your horse.

The three different designs are there to cater for endurance and western saddles, jumping and dressage saddles.  The difference between the EquaNah and other saddle pads is that it doesn’t increase pressure where pressure is already extreme but rather lifts the saddle off of these points.

Andre La Conte advanced dressage rider: “My horse’s extended trot has never felt as good as with the EquaNah”

Corlise Kirstein springbuck endurance rider: “My horse’s stride has changed completely since riding with the EquaNah and his back is simply no longer sore!”

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Keywords: Horses

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EquaNah Endurance Numnah | Milyn Brazier Physiotherapy

The EquaNah aims at adjusting saddle position so that it may sit symmetrically and comfortably on a perhaps not so symmetrical equine body. The polyester is used in the wool for good reason; it ensures that the fleece does not make knots that may cause unwanted pressure points. The EquaNah is made up of water absorbent high density foam that acts to draw the horse’s sweat from its back and so prevents chaffing.


ETTB | Milyn Brazier Physiotherapy

Never stretch a horse that has not been warmed up with the ETTB and once warmed with the ETTB only stretch the muscles where you applied heat. However neither MB Physio nor Milyn Brazier will take responsibility for faulty hot packs that may get hotter than the proposed temperature. It has been therapeutically designed so that the placements of hot packs are on frequently found problem areas.


Equi-Ice Wrap | Milyn Brazier Physiotherapy

Uses - General joint maintenance post exercise.- Ideal for use on muscle strains, sprains, tendonitis, soft tissue trauma and more.- Wraps around site of injury to effectively cool and compress the entire area.- Can be cut to fit smaller areas.- Allows freedom of movement without falling off.- Adheres to itself so no extra wrapping needed. After use quickly rinse Equi-Ice with water to remove debris.7.