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By: Milyn Brazier  11-11-2011

Custom Fit Numnah designed to encourage EQUAL movement to suite all disciplines’ needs

Tried every saddle you could and they all seem to give problems?

Have a horse who constantly trips?

Have a horse that is constantly changing shape and tired of changing saddles?

Horse just not striding out?

Horse that moves much better on one rein than on the other?

Here is the solution…

The EquaNah aims at adjusting saddle position so that it may sit symmetrically and comfortably on a perhaps not so symmetrical equine body.

The EquaNah has been designed by equine physiotherapist, Milyn Brazier.

“I was too tired of not being able to help horses with saddle issues leading to so many different types of problems. I have literally designed a product that deals with all the different problems I have experienced in time with various saddles and numnahs in the industry.”

The EquaNah is made from 95% raw wool and 5% polyester. The polyester is used in the wool for good reason; it ensures that the fleece does not make knots that may cause unwanted pressure points.

The EquaNah is made up of water absorbent high density foam that acts to draw the horse’s sweat from its back and so prevents chaffing.

It also contains a heat resistant batting that ensures that the temperature on the horses back is kept to a minimum.

Rubberised materials have been used in some designs to ensure that slipping of the saddle is discouraged.

High density foam has been used in panelled pockets to do the necessary moulding onto the horses back that is required. Please ensure that you store this foam in a safe place that is easily accessible. This foam has specifically been used as it allows muscle development. Once development occurs, foam adjusting is required.

Milyn Brazier (designer and producer): 083 284 4304

Emrie van Tonder (manager): 071 353 7752

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EquaNah | Milyn Brazier Physiotherapy

The EquaNah has been designed on the principal that without damaging your saddle you are able to address the symmetry problems at hand and ensures that by “building” your own numnah correctly, your saddle’s pressure is displaced EQUALLY on your horses back.


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Never stretch a horse that has not been warmed up with the ETTB and once warmed with the ETTB only stretch the muscles where you applied heat. However neither MB Physio nor Milyn Brazier will take responsibility for faulty hot packs that may get hotter than the proposed temperature. It has been therapeutically designed so that the placements of hot packs are on frequently found problem areas.


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