By: Mhs  11-11-2011
Keywords: Account Audit

  • Inclusion of radiology service parameters as a component of MHS Practice Profiles,

  • Interaction with existing MHS Coordinated Provider Networks for the implementation of radiology Benchmarks and Clinical Rules and generally for the promotion of rational, appropriate and cost-effective utilisation of radiology services,

  • Ongoing evaluation of the level and appropriateness of radiology services provided by practitioners in their rooms,

  • Interventions with practitioners in respect of adherence to Best Practice Radiology guidelines,

  • Radiology Account Audit and Review.

  • Keywords: Account Audit

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    The MHS Metrics are tools for monitoring and identifying trends, risks, claiming and treatment patterns, as well as other valuable information for client medical schemes. Cost per member and beneficiary per month, number of encounters per 1000 beneficiaries, tests per encounter, MRI's CT -scans and ultrasound per 1000 beneficiaries.



    With the Benchmarks as a point of departure, further drill-down options include more detailed practice profiles, summaries of the transaction details that make up the Benchmarks as well as access to the individual transactions that made up each Benchmark – the latter is subject to measures to protect patient confidentiality.