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By: Methode  11-11-2011

Methode Development Company's patented process, Sonicrimp®, provides a simple, elegant and efficient technique for mass termination of wires and contacts, of virtually any size and combination, to a wide variety of surfaces and substrates. Offering waterproof and low-resistance electrical connections, Sonicrimp is utilized in disposable single-patient use applications, sensor solutions for patient monitoring, and RFID infant security and wandering resident applications.

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Force and load sensors can accurately measure the forklift load during operation, with the measurement unaffected by load location. Force and load sensors measure the material load on a continuous conveyor belt and prevent overloads beyond operating range. Methode's force and load sensors are used to measure the deformation of the brake caliper.


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Durable MDC's flexible heating elements are not susceptible to increased resistance or cracked traces when subjected to repetitive flexes or stringent, crease-bending specifications. Environmentally Friendly Used for precise and reliable electrical termination, Methode's patented Sonicrimp technology eliminates the need for solder, lead or etched copper elements.