By: Messy To Dressy  11-11-2011
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Ideal Drawers . . .

The totally adjustable system designed to simplify your life. An innovation that fits into any size drawer, clipping together in seconds to solve literally hundreds of packing problems. Use it in your bedroom, kitchen, kid's room, bathroom - even dad's toolshed. It's the multi-purpose organiser that takes messy to dressy. Priced at only R85.00.

Laundry Folder . . .

Flip your laundry into shape the easy way, with three flips of the folder and your garments are ready to store on your shelf, perfectly and ideally presented in an instant.

Ideal for packing for that business trip, use the Ideal Laundry Folder to arrive at your destination a bit less crumpled.

Price - R95.00

Colors (currently in stock) - light blue / orange

Ladies clear shoe boxes . . .

29,5cm x 18cm x 9,5cm

Ideally the way to see all your shoes. With larger breathable holes, tired shoes can now air after a long day. Messy to Dressy boxes are made of 0.07mm polypropylene eco-friendly material and are stronger than some on the market.

Price - R100.00 (per pack of 5)

Gents clear shoe boxes

34cm x 19,5cm x 11,5cm

For the gentlemen who also appreciates the goods things in life. Messy to Dressy boxes are strong enough to hold thick soled men's footwear up to a size 12.

Price - R120.00 (per pack of 5)

Ladies long leg boot box

51,5cm x 29,5cm x 11

Don't spend hard earned cash on boots and scrimp on the storing of them. Make your boots last longer by protecting them in this large storage box with handles.

Price - R75.00 each

Clear "drawer type" boxes. . .

31cm x 20cm x 11cm - R45.00 each

34cm x 22cm x 13cm - R55.00 each

Use these boxes for shoes or storage as the reinforced "skeleton" makes them very strong. The larger box can fit A4 papers, perfect for the office / children's school work. No more fumbling with awkward side openings, these drawers slide with ease.

Bag Button

The new unique, re-useable space saving solution.

There are a number of 'space savings bags' on the market, but Bag Button is truly innovative as it will convert ANY everyday plastic bag, or refuse bag, into a space saving storage solution for your home and outdoor living!

Unlike a space saver bag, the Bag Button doesn't limit you to a single bag. You can reuse this ingenious gadget over and over again, with the aid of a regular vacuum cleaner, it shrinks any bag filled with soft materials down to about a third of the size.

Why not vacuum pack collectibles, clothing, pillows, linen, art work, sleeping bags or valuable documents. The only limit is your imagination.

A generic pack of 8 space saver bags cost around R150 and you can get Bag Button for the same price, BUT you can shrink UNLIMITED numbers of bags with it. So not only will you save space - you'll save money too!

Price - R149.95 (excl.p&p)

Laundry Balls . . .

These environmentally friendly wash balls are a scientific breakthrough in cleaning technology. The specially formulated pellets inside each environmentally friendly wash ball produces ionised oxygen that activates the water molecules naturally and allows them to penetrate deep into the fibres of the fabric to gently lift dirt away and, because there's no powders or detergents, there's no need for additional softeners. No harsh chemicals means far less pollution and shortened rinse cycles saves water and electricity - all of which is good for the environment.

One ball = 90 washes

Price - R199.95 set of 2 balls

Bra Clip . . .

Bra Clips are fashion accessories with real benefits - they are easy to wear; clipping the bra straps together at the back - hiding and preventing falling bra straps, creating a deeper cleavage, and providing greater all round support. Once you've worn a Bra Clip you will not want to go without it again

Price - R45.00 per 3 pack (includes 1 x white, 1 x black, 1 x beige)

Clear Bra Holders. . .

Strong & stackable. The domed lid molded for your padded bra's. Can hold 2 x smaller cup padded bra's or 2 x fuller cup underwire bra's. Stops clasps snagging other under garments in your drawer.

Price - R55.00 per set of 3

Keywords: Bag, Boxes, Laundry Folder