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We have 4 different types of Menzo Card Games available:

Mammals, Snakes, Birds and Sea Life

  • Each type consist of 30 cards with 30 different animals and one instruction card.
  • Each card consist of a clear identifiable picture of the animal, the name, scientific name, 6 statistics, and a general “Did you know fact”

Below are some examples of the cards with references of the various specialists who approved the information on the cards.

Each Menzo product is linked to a conservation project, managed by EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust).

There are 3 ways to play the game.  You can either compete with the highest statistics or the lowest statistics of the animal.  This way you learn the weaknesses and the strengths of the animals.  The person with the highest or lowest statistic (depending on the way you are playing) will win the card.  This carries on until one of the players ends up with all the cards. The third way to play the game is a more advanced way where you ask each other questions and if you get the answer right, you win the card.


Conservation Project:


The Mammal Cards have been approved by:

Bennet de Klerk

  • BA 1990 UOFS HED 1991 UOFS
  • CERT Zoology 1999 UNISA
  • FGASA SKS Dangerous Animals 1998
  • 8459 View Potentially Dangerous Animals (TGSP 9)
  • 8532 Design a Guided Experience for Customers (TGSP 9)
  • 7978 Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Conservation Project:


The Large Bird Cards have been approved by:

Andre Botha (EWT)

  • Manager: Birds of Prey Working Group Endangered Wildlife Trust
  • Chairman: Game Rangers   Association of Africa

Conservation Project:

Educational Snake Programmes” managed by Arno Naude


The Snake Cards have been approved by:

Arno Naudé

  • Chairman of the Transvaal Herpetological association.
  • Committee member of the South African Pet Traders association
  • Director of the Bush Retreat Zoo Park
  • Part time lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria.
  • Part time lecturer at the Lebone Nursing College
  • Founder member of Save our snakes Save ourselves (SOS²)

Conservation project:
"The Dugong Emergency Protection Project"


Specialist qualifications

Jone Porter
Director Education
South African Association for Marine Biological Research
B.Sc. (Hons) H.D.E.

Grant Smith

  • Managing Director of Sharklife Conservation Group
  • Author of eight different shark diving manuals
  • Shark Dive Instructor/Leader

Keywords: animals, Birds, Cards, Conservation Project

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