Online Global Media Monitoring - Analysis

By: Meltwater  11-11-2011
Keywords: Media Monitoring

Meltwater News is more than a traditional media monitoring service, combining the industry's broadest search capabilities, exclusive analytical tools and a consultative relationship with its clients, Meltwater News delivers the business critical information that executives in organizations worldwide require to gain, and maintain, their competitive edge.

With Meltwater News' expansive international coverage and robust search capabilities, users can find the information they need, when they need it, via an easy-to-use, Web-based interface. Meltwater News' interactive analytical capabilities enable users to get even more value from their media mentions by evaluating trends, mapping press activity, identifying target markets and measuring the ROI of marketing and public relations campaigns.

  • Track keywords, phrases, and topics in over 162,000 sources from over 190 countries and 100 languages, monitored consistently throughout the day
  • Use advanced Boolean search capabilities to search unlimited keywords throughout online publications globally
  • Receive daily reports at the timing and frequency of your choosing, collated into easily digested categories
  • Boolean search technology, with unlimited keywords, pinpoints exact information, ensuring accurate search results
  • Narrow down results based on region, publication type, readership value, or language
  • Run foreign character searches in over 25 languages
  • Conduct unlimited quantitative and qualitative analysis of information retrieved through Meltwater News
  • Gain market insight by evaluating the prominence, global location, tone, and potential viewership of your organization's media exposure
  • Quickly produce charts and tables that identify the placement and results of search criteria
  • Set up simple or extensive newsfeeds, in the format of your choosing, on your intranet for global and local internal communications purposes
  • Highlight positive coverage on your website. Showcase positive third-party articles and refer prospects in your sales pipeline directly to your website
  • Set up RSS feed subscriptions for employees, investors, suppliers, board members, journalists, and the general public

Keywords: Media Monitoring