A New, Farm Fresh, Marketing Department

By: Melsetter  12-08-2011

Fruitways restructured Operations approximately two years ago and had a position as Export Program Manager vacant at the time, while Selborne Boome performed that function in his role as Marketing Manager.  After review with Selborne, Fruitways has decided to now fill that position, giving Selborne more freedom to manage all the functions within the Marketing Department.

Current Program Co-ordinator, Suné Denton has accepted a promotion to Export Program Manager where she will interact with customers and manage the supply of fruit to them. This will be done in liaison with Marketing Manager, Selborne Boome and our UK Representative, Rupert Meikle, which will include daily and weekly stock management, pricing, and other functions.

Sune’s current position has therefore become vacant and Packing Material Co-ordinator, Grand Ninon has accepted a promotion to the position of Local Program Co-ordinator.  Grand’s current responsibilities as Packing Material Co-ordinator will be taken up within the current Fruitways structure, creating opportunity for other individuals to grow.  Product Manager, Jaco Moelich will evaluate the needs and responsibilities and communicate to all Staff involved.

CEO, Hein Keulder, would like to congratulate Suné and Grand with their promotions and looks forward to their further development.  While these changes will take immediate effect, there will be a transition period of a couple of months during which responsibilities will be handed over.

We would like to also announce that Jeandré Koning has accepted a permanent position as Fruit Trader at Fruitways, effective 1 October 2011. Jeandré has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the trade and was on loan from Chiltern for the past year. We also look forward to his valuable contribution to the Trading Team.

With a “New FRESH Look” Marketing Team under Selborne’s guidance, we look forward to season 2012!

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For wholesale our standard packaging is a telescopic carton with approximately 18.3kg of fruit called a Mk4 for apples and a telescopic carton with approximately 12.5kg of fruit called a Mk6 for pears. It ranges from the more traditional varieties that has become household names such as Granny Smith to new and exciting varieties such as Kanzi. We produce a range of apple and pear varieties that will cater for every consumer taste preference.


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We have installed a number of probes in our orchards that give continuous readings indicating soil moisture and giving us a good indication of when the tree requires it's first watering, after this the growth stage of the tree combined with weather conditions determines the seasonal scheduling per orchard.