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By: Melrose Atteridge  11-11-2011

Our services include:

  • Strategy
    • Competitive analysis
    • Industry strategy
    • Business strategy
    • ICT strategy
    • Strategy execution planning and monitoring
  • Organisation Design
    • Corporate governance (the duties of the board and their relationship with the management and stakeholders, e.g. King II & III, IFRS)
    • Business model (how the organisation fulfils its mission through its fundamental building blocks) and business structure (how the people in the organisation relate to each other in fulfilling the mission)
    • Business governance (how the business is organised to ensure effectiveness between all internal role players – at a meta level)
    • Capability management (defining the organisational ingredients for maximum effectiveness in terms of competence and quantum)
    • Organisation design and structuring
  • Turnaround Management
    • Balance sheet restructuring. Fundamental review of the business and includes capital clean sheet redesign, cost-curtailment, cash management and potential asset harvesting
    • Line of business redesign. Asking the fundamental questions regarding the core business and its feasibility. Issues like product lifecycle management, commercialisation and supply chain management are examined and complete processes are redesigned (linking into the business improvement practice)
  • Business Improvement
    • Innovation management
    • Process redesign
    • Continuous improvement
    • Performance measurement and management, target setting
  • Sustainability . Examining  aspects that have a fundamental bearing on the enduring nature of the organisation. Strategic risk management incorporates a practical approach for dealing with the negative consequences of uncertainty, but also determines the opportunity that exists with the same uncertainty.The sustainability framework incorporates scenario planning through to compliance management
  • Strategic Issues. In certain cases, deep dive analysis is required to answer very difficult or complex business problems. The team with their experienced background and access to leading research assets are able to provide distinctive and differentiated advice

We provide advisory services that have a strategic impact on your  organisation. The correct strategic context is therefore essential to understand in order to provide highly beneficial recommendations.

We are able to drill down into a specific topic or issue of strategic significance and provide well considered answers to enable the relevant strategic leverage. A major consideration in strategic analysis through operational requirements, is how to derive sustainable competitive advantage.

This is achieved through seeking out and harnessing those qualities that differentiate an enterprise from its peers, which is necessarily coupled to a mature approach to managing risk. We facilitate  mitigation of negative consequences of risk, but also position for opportunity that often unfolds in uncertain terrain.

The organisation is central to all engagements. For maximum effectiveness, the organisation is reviewed at all levels including the board, the operating units - and their individual contribution to the whole which ultimately results in detailed structural recommendations.

In order for the recommendations to be implementable and sustainable it is critical that  you are enabled to take on the changes and operate with the mindset pivotal to the new paradigm.

We will work with you to develop and introduce advanced leadership programmes that enable your senior management in their new roles.

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