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PRODUCTS MechPro provide the industry with the the following products:










-          Hydraulic High Pressure Systems

-          Pneumatic Atomization Nozzle Systems 

-          Hollow Bladed fans

-         Vapor Phase Systems


-          Growing environmental concerns are creating questions regarding the quality of our soil, water we drink, and the air we breathe.   Of particulat concern to many industries is the prevalence of odor emissions surrounding wastewater facilities, manufacturing plants, landfills, and other sites where malodorous gasses collect.   Odors are basically gaseous chemicals detected by the human olfactory organs and while the like or dislike of a particular smell is purely subjevtive, certain odors are generally agreed to be offencive or harnmfull to all.

-          As a result, many devices have emerged to satisfy the demand for better control of offensive odor emissions.   Unfortunately, many solutions fall short in one of two categories, either they act as a mere masking agent and do not address reactions with malodorous gasses, or as they eliminate odors they may introduce hazardous compounds into the very areas they “clean.”

-         Ecosorb is a odor neutralizer, not a masking agent.  It is applied most often via atomization as listed above in the odour control section.   The product is a proprietary formulation of several essential oils and a food grade surfactant.   It is biogradable and totally safe to people, animals, and plant life.


-          Micatrol   - Micatrol catalyses the breakdown of chemical and petroleum compounds and promotes microbial proliferation causing bio-degradation into harmless by-products of carbon dioxide, water and humus.  It is effective detoxifying chemicals in soil, plants and water.  It also decontaminates fruit and produce which has excessive levels of chemical residue.

-          Bio-Energiser -  Bio Energiser is a formulation of organic acids, buffers, natural biological systems, nutrients and energy systems which balance the natural microbial ecosystem to increase the bio-oxidation of watewater which reduces solid levels and odour.  It reduces grease problems in sewer lines and lift stations and increases bio-oxidation of watewater creating a “wet burn” which reduces sludge and odour levels in wastewater treatment plants and lagoons.

-          Bac-Block – This is a concentrated, commercially-pure culture of Bacillus subtilis dispersed in a hardened block of inert, inorganic, soluble salt.   Back Bac-Block will dissolve slowly in a lift station as the influent passes over the surface of the block.  Each block will control a flow up to 1000,000 gallons per day for a four week period.


-          Turbo XE fans which are capable of controlling large interior environments with humidity or evaporative cooling effects.

-          The rugget RSMs combine the poular Turbo XE fan with a mobile tank for recirculation of drainage water.

-          Designed for continuous-duty, the HRSM offers high-capacity fogging with mobility.

-         The CRSM is a low-volume-method pesticide/fungicide fogger for fumigating large enclosed spaces.


-          General Odour Neutraliser

-          Pet odour Neutraliser

-          Snake and Reptile Odour Neutraliser

-          Smoke Odour Neutraliser

-          Epoleon Deodorizer


-          Full range of valve are available on request.  We specialize in Haitima range of butterfly and ball valves.


-          We specialise in the following Aqualok types of couplings and are as follows:

        •     Plain superfit couplings

        •     Gripper couplings

        •     Universal flange Adapters

        •    Step Couplings

        •     Large bore Couplings

        •     St.Stl full bore repair clamps

        •     St.Stl half clamps

        •     St.Stl saddles

        •     Dismantling joints


          -       We can provide you with the Magic Mist misting system for climate 

                  control, Humidification, dust control, static electricity, cooling, special

                  effects and home use.

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Keywords: Couplings, Fans, odour neutraliser