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By: Md Poly  11-11-2011
Keywords: Theft, Alcohol Abuse, Post Conviction Testing

We offer a high level of expertise in the following areas:

Specific Criminal Issue examinations:

• When a person is suspected of misconduct, theft or any other crime

• Loss of business stock, cargo, cash or vehicles

• Domestic disputes, spousal infidelity, abuse or sexual misconduct

Periodic Maintenance Screening:

• Unidentified criminal activity within the workplace

• Screening of personnel that are about to be appointed to senior positions

Pre-Employment Vetting:

• Screening for previous convictions

• Screening for previous undetected misconduct

• Screening for any syndicate involvement

• Screening for any drug or alcohol abuse

Polygraph Testing is used to identify the untruthful and eliminate the truthful in:

Specific Criminal issues such as:

• Theft / fraud

• Arson

• Assault

• Corruption

• Drug Investigations

• Sex Crimes

• Child Abuse

• Domestic Disputes

• Spousal Infidelity

• Racial Abuse etc..

Periodic / Maintenance Screening:

• Unidentified Criminal Activity With-in Work Place

• Post Conviction Testing of Sexual Offenders

Pre-Employment Vetting:

• Previous Conviction

• Undeclared previous employment dismissal

• Previous Undetected Crimes

• Syndicate Involvement

• Narcotic Usage

• Alcohol Abuse

Keywords: Alcohol Abuse, Post Conviction Testing, Theft,