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By: Mcubed Technologies  11-11-2011
Keywords: Advertising, Billboards, Outdoor Advertising

The South African advertising industry makes intensive use of static billboards for outdoor advertising. This results in the following drawbacks;

  • The impact of advertising static billboards is rendered less effective because of an intensive static advert competition for consumer’s attention.
  • The aesthetics of towns and cities are negatively affected by the resulting look despite municipal control measures in place.
  • Specific to static billboards, the audience is exposed to few products or brand that lead to very limited product or brand knowledge.
  • Provinces to be used for 2010 soccer activities needs the advent of latest international outdoor advertising media.

Our project objective is to align SA outdoor advertisement with international trends through application of Electronic Bulletin Billboards and Scrolling Billboards. M-cubed media house will conceptualise and constract the Electronic Bulletin Billboards and Scrolling Billboards to make the them unique and relevant to the look of specific cities.

The Mcubed billboard network system will:

  • Display electronic adverts through a network of outdoor digital display screens;

System overview:


  • Be remotely managed via a wireless or local network.
  • Have structural integrity – will comply with local municipality guidelines on outdoor billboards advertising and bring aesthetics to the identified places in cities and townships.

Types of media: Electronic Billboard, Scrolling billboard and Static billboard.

Keywords: Advertising, Billboards, Electronic Bulletin, Outdoor Advertisement, Outdoor Advertising, Project Objective, Scrolling Billboards, Static Billboards,

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