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By: Mcpherson Landscaping  11-11-2011
Keywords: Irrigation, Garden Centre

The McPherson Landscaping staff take great pride in the level of service and products that we are able to provide to our customers. Please speak to one of our landscapers to get more details on all of the services we have available to you. We are also able to offer several post-implementation services or recommended partners to keep your green investment alive.

EXPERIENCED IMPLEMENTATION TEAMS We have several trained and experienced implementation teams that carry out the landscaping projects. These teams are supervised and are under the constant instruction of one our lanscapers.
ROLL-ON LAWN Choosing the correct type of grass or turf for a garden or area is an important as it is considered to be the canvas upon which the painting takes place. McPherson Landscaping makes use of roll-on Kukuyu, Buffalo, Cynodin and Gulf Green grass.
KOI PONDS AND NATURAL ROCK WATER FEATURES Koi ponds bring life to any garden. McPherson Landscaping has created many natural rock ponds. McPherson Garden Centre is able to supply the Koi fish and products.
IRRIGATION McPherson Landscaping provides a full irrigation service. From new installations to existing upgrades, we make use of only the highest quality irrigation parts and equipment. Our landscapers are also able to offer advice on how to best implement your automated irrigation system within the boundries of the fluctuating water restrictions.
BULK ROCK AND ORGANICS From natural rock, gravel, bulk organics like compost and mulch. These are all availabe and can be delivered to your door by truck. McPherson Landscaping only makes use of the highest quality organics and rocks at affordable prices. With the sandy or hard clay soils that we are presented within the coastal areas, ensuring that the ground is adequately prepared is of vital importance.

Keywords: Garden Centre, Irrigation