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By: Maverick Tents  11-11-2011

Mavericks have become the preferred stretchtent supplier because we know how to combine incredible aesthetics with practical functionality. That’s why every Mavericks product is:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fire retardant (EU Standard)
  • UV resistant
  • Flexible

Safety and functionality are of paramount importance to us but we never compromise on creativity. As we see it, your event should be both visually spectacular as well as safe and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

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Stretch Tent Size - Free shape bedouin tents in any size for any occasion » Maverick Stretch Tents

To date our largest event has involved rigging stretchtents to cover 5000 square meters, however there is always room to go even bigger. No matter what the size of your venue or event we can tailor make the perfect free shape tent size solution for you.


Flexible Stretch Tents for Weddings, Functions, Parties, Restaurants » Maverick Stretch Tents

Our specially developed flexible stretch tent fabric can be pulled and stretched to cover almost any shape or size. That means that a Maverick Stretchtent can be erected virtually anywhere. Our free shape tents are so versatile that we can rig them. If you can imagine it..we can rig it.


Stretch Tent Fabric - for outdoor weddings, corporate functions, expos, private parties, sporting events » Maverick Stretch Tents

Free shape bedouin stretchtents are not only uniquely beautiful and versatile, the fabric makes stretchtents the first choice in outdoor event tent hire - for weddings, corporate functions, expos, private parties or sporting events - you name it, stretchtents are perfect for it. The multi-directional stretch of free shape tent fabric allows us to create the beautiful peaks our "bedouin tents" are so renowned for.


Stretch Tent Lighting – fairy lights, Par Can 56 & Chinese lanterns for weddings, functions, events. » Maverick Stretch Tents

Par Can 56 lighting can spectacularly transform the atmosphere of snow-white bedouin wedding tent from ceremonial to a night-time party tent as the sun goes down. We offer three types of lighting which we feel greatly enhance the atmosphere in our stretchtents, for weddings and functions of all kinds. Par Cans are spotlights that are focused on specific areas and create a beautiful coloured glow across the surface of the tent.