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By: Mavambo Its  11-11-2011
Keywords: Digital Camera, Camera Systems

Digital Camera Management System (DCMS) is a system for real-time remote monitoring of a network of enforcement traffic cameras. DCMS monitors the alarms and environmental statuses of cameras as well as the traffic statistics and network download of incident and log files. The DCMS is typically installed within a secure area of the local authority. A core benefit t of the DCMS control system is that it is not limited to the number of remote camera systems that it monitors and can oversee several hundred enforcement cameras.

We offer a series of state of the art, mobile digital camera systems. The series includes Tripod mounted systems, In-car systems and also Modular systems, which can be used either in-car or transferred to a tripod. High-resolution digital cameras with independent flash units, a large touch screen interface for real-time feedback, atomic-clock synchronization, a slant radar system for across-the-road mobile speed enforcement and optionally a Global Positioning System receiver (GPS) for location tracking.

Our fixed system is a world leading technology in traffic enforcement utilizing inductive and non-inductive detectors. It provides the enforcement of red light and speed offences at intersections. The detection system utilises in-road inductive (i.e. loop) detectors and is also capable of speed determination. Additional information such as vehicle length and class can also be acquired using this technology. The system is able to enforce red light, speed and combined red light and speed offences.

"MAVAMBO its" have partners with the best in ANPR solutions. REDFLEX Technology – the most advanced number plate recognition systems in the world IPS Technology is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of (ANPR) Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems. The broad range of systems provide the next generation of information technology for Journey Time Measurement Systems, Police, Toll Enforcement, Congestion Charging, Road User Charging, Parking Systems, Traffic Monitoring and Automated Site Security. REDFLEX are certified to ISO 9001:2008 conforming to the highest International Standards for design and manufacture of our range of products.

"MAVAMBO its" together with our state of the art Design and Build Team and partners like VisionHAWK and REDFLEX Technology have the right solution for every scenario from custom installations to covert operational vehicles we build the best.

We Are a Black Owned company with a majority black owned shareholding. And we are fully committed to skills development in the true sense of ubuntu.

Albert Mokoena
Chris Olivier

Keywords: Camera Systems, Digital Camera

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