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By: Maths & Science Marketing  11-11-2011
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CD Rom discs:

All our new OBE materials are based upon the new SA Curriculum and are available on CD Rom discs for each of Grades 10, 11 & 12 in the crucial subjects of Maths, Maths Literacy and Science. Excellent navigation enables you to easily find what you are looking for.

Discs can be purchased for learners and used at home and/or purchased for teaching purposes at school. The school discs have extra content compared with the learner discs.

There are 9 Learner CD Rom discs and another 9 Teacher CD Rom discs.

Disc contents:

All Maths, Maths Literacy and Science CD Rom discs contain the following components:

  • Complete new OBE Curriculum in 300 – 400 animated, coloured PowerPoint slides.
  • Worksheets containing ± 200 long questions – covering whole Curriculum.
  • Full solutions to worksheet questions.
  • Science discs also contain ± 200 Multiple Choice Questions, with answers, covering whole Curriculum. These discs also contain data sheets, definitions & important equations.
  • Learner instructions – on how best to use all of our products.

Teacher/School CD Rom discs also contain the following items - in addition to the above:

  • Teacher instructions on how best to use our products in class as well as for homework etc.
  • Project ideas for learners.
  • Rubric sheets for evaluating all the different components of the OBE Curriculum.
  • Assessment sheets for OBE Curriculum.
  • Instructions on how to make study notes for your learners from our PowerPoint packages.
  • Instructions on how to make 300 – 400 OHP transparencies from our PowerPoint slides. (If you do not have regular access to a computer and data projector, but have access to an OHP projector.)
  • Each disc contains the NCS for that particular subject.
  • Science discs also contain hundreds of Physics & Chemistry images for SMART Interactive White Boards, as well as guidelines for running an EXPO at your school.

Preferable classroom/laboratory hardware requirements:

  • A computer (or lap top) – new or used – for your exclusive use - preferably in your own classroom or laboratory – with MS PowerPoint & MS Word 2000, or later versions.
  • A data/multimedia projector to which the computer can be connected – preferably attached to the ceiling of your venue.
  • A large screen – onto which to cast images – if you do not have a suitable white wall in your classroom or laboratory.
  • An OHP projector – if you do not have access to the above items.
  • All of our materials can be used on a SMART Interactive White board as well – but this item is not a prerequisite for using our materials – merely a ‘nice to have’ extra piece of hardware.

How best to use our Products:

  • Teacher/school CD Rom discs for class teaching:

    • Produce handouts from PowerPoint slides of sections to be covered in term. Duplicate and distribute to learners at start of term.
    • Project all PowerPoint slides from a certain section through a data projector onto a wall or screen in your classroom or laboratory – for teaching of all theory work.
    • Discuss and elaborate the contents of each slide by writing more information on the board.
    • Learners to add notes to handouts as you teach the lesson. They can refer to handouts in preparation for tests and exams.
    • Having completed a section with the slides, learners should now do exercise from the text book.
    • Learners should then do exercise from CD Rom disc – either duplicate on paper, or project through data projector onto screen – complete for homework.
    • Go through solutions by projecting onto wall or screen the next day – elaborating as you go.
    • Alternatively, contents of discs can be loaded onto individual computers or the server in the school computer centre & learners provided with access to materials there – during lessons, at breaks, after school, Saturdays, school holidays etc.
    • If you don’t have a data projector, but have access to an OHP, make OHP Transparencies from the PowerPoint slides and teach from these. This can also be done with worksheets and solutions.
    • Worksheets can be effectively used in the class situation and taken home for completion as homework for learners.
    • Go through solutions the next day – preferably with the data projector.
  • Use of learner discs at home:

    Whether your teacher uses our materials at school or not, use the following process for maximum benefit and improvement of your marks:
    • Produce handouts from the PowerPoint slides.
    • Go through each section in PowerPoint before your teacher covers it in class – this way you will be ready to ask questions when covered in class.
    • Now go through each question in the worksheets.
    • Check with the solutions to ensure you have done the question correctly.
    • Prior to tests or exams, refer once again to the PowerPoint, handouts, worksheets and solutions.

    Working in this manner should ensure marks of 65% or more in tests or exams for a learner of average ability and intelligence!

Keywords: Powerpoint Slides, Science,

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