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By: Mastiff Security  11-11-2011
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We are  actively involved in the Risk Management and the Shrinkage Awareness of the clients business.

Our officers undergo an induction training with the retail company where they are placed to ensure they understand and assist the growth and goals of the business they are set to protect.

We assist with the Shrinkage Awareness of our officers by having them attend the shrinkage controls and stock-loss training modules presented by the client.

The officers also have intense training on invoice checking and detail checking to ensure all stock leaving the clients premises, does so with the correct and authorized paper work.

The officer become part of the Loss Prevention team to ensure that all aspects of Loss prevention and Risk Management within the Retail environment are met at all times.

Detail Checking :

It has already been established that a high percentage of stock-loss occurs in the receiving department of any business. We strive to limit these stock-losses when we place our staff as detail checkers in the desired areas.

The officers are trained in the receiving procedures and also the system (such as SAP). This ensures that these staff members are familiar with the procedures and will notice when something out of the ordinary occurs.

All discrepancies are immediately reported to the supervisor / site manager, who will then liaise with the Receiving Manager and the Loss Prevention Manager in an investigation to establish the nature of the discrepancy and also if there is any liability because of the discrepancy.

A discrepancy report is generated every week or month as required by the client and distributed to all concerned parties.

Shopping Service :

The dishonest cashier can turn profits into losses and make  a considerable differnece in your turnover  by under-ringing or failing to register sales. Our trained ‘shoppers’ who are skilled in till operation methods are there to establish if accuracy, honesty, customer service and correct procedures are being carried out at the point of sale.
They can further serve as a deterrent should management make their employees aware that regular ‘shopping tests’ will be carried out on them. Cashiers will never know whether the customer they are serving is a genuine shopper or not, whereby honest and correct behaviour is ensured

Undercover Operations within Retail : Pin pointing the exact location of shrinkage

can be a difficult and frustrating task.

Our expertly skilled staff is incorporated into the work place in such a way that their real identity is never known; thus, they can freely mingle with the client’s personnel and point out vulnerable areas.  They are able to identify and report on all possible criminal activity, commercial and industrial stock loss, and breaches of company and safety regulations.  These

discreet investigations

are passed on to management via concise

reports giving an accurate picture of the activities of dishonest employees

.  Added to this, our investigators also make management aware of timekeeping abuse, unsatisfactory conduct, sabotage and employee attitudes.Our skilled investigators are trained to gather information which is then analysed by our handlers and presented to the client with our recommendations relating to systems and procedures.

Training :

All personnel are motivated to be part of our personal development program which facilitates the setting of personal goals and managing the achievement thereof. We motivate our staff by means of continuous appraisal  which ensure that standards are kept high and professional.

All employees undergo fire fighting, first aid and emergency evacuation training on site to ensure that they can assist in case of emergency and not hamper the process.Job descriptions are compiled in conjunction with the Client for them to be tailored to meet your specific requirements and specifications. Our Training Officer is placed on your premises, together with any security personnel, prior to commencement of service so that on-site training can be exercised.

Keywords: Induction Training

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