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By: Marque  11-11-2011

While your television spots and print adverts are great to get your brand known, there’s nothing that says you’re legitimate like a well designed website. It would be a waste of great design, though, not to complement it with good copy. When you really want to motivate someone to action it’s not the implied thousand words that does the trick but the simple one-liner or the line that pays off. While many a graphic artist may disagree, about 80 percent of adverts could go without images whereas only 2 percent can make it without words–even if the 98 percent have only one word. When it comes to copy, we agree, less is more, so long as every word counts.

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We have, however, worked with Macmillan South Africa and Heinemann Publishers as well as numerous doctorate and masters students and their theses and dissertations. Copy that may be well written loses all credibility if its accuracy, consistency and style do not follow suit. Editing streamlines your copy so that it conveys a good impression concisely.