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By: Marimba Workshop  11-11-2011
Keywords: Bars, Dummy Keyboards

Our signature marimbas are specifically designed for both classroom usage as well as for band purposes as they have a large 3 ½ octave range (from C, 2 octaves below middle C, to G, two and a half octaves above middle C.) They are also extremely easy to transport as the legs fold-up and the bars fit into specially designed bags.

The best feature of our signature marimbas is the versatility they offer in terms of key choices. All the bars, although secured by durable elastic to prevent the bars from jumping off the frame, are able to be removed in a flash. This gives the instrument a key versatility without a second chromatic keyboard. If you wish to play in G major, remove the Fs and replace them with F#s. The possibilities are endless.

Our marimba range also includes: chromatic add-ons for transforming our signature marimbas into chromatic marimbas; a split combination marimba; a pre-school lower legs combination marimba; a “standard” set of 4 individual marimbas: bass/baritone, tenor, soprano and piccolo in C or Eb in concert pitch or Eb in Xhosa tuning.

Besides the Xhosa tuned Eb marimbas, all our other marimbas are pitched at A440. This therefore enables you to use the marimbas with all orchestral and other instruments. They blend particularly well with Orff instruments and the bass marimba provides that lovely lower bass sound lacking in the conventional Orff instrumentarium.

We also manufacture a range of quality marimba beaters/mallets. These include perfectly modulated densities to suit the various ranges of our marimbas.

New in the range are our. GLO-BALL BEATERS which light up at a flick of a switch. This is a first in the world of marimbas!

Included in our range of products are storage/transport bags for all the notes as well as brand new in our range are fitted covers for your marimbas.

We also are the only distributors of dummy keyboards which are used in the classroom to supplement your marimbas.

We also have music available for sale.


Keywords: Bars, Dummy Keyboards