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By: Maria Tiffin  11-11-2011
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Most of my orgonite pieces are a matrix of resin, aluminium shavings (plus a sprinkling of brass & copper shavings in the pieces that are not coloured) and a quartz crystal wrapped in copper wire, except for chargers which have a copper spiral embedded instead over the unwrapped quartz crystal, and pet tags that contain very fine aluminium shavings and chips of quartz crystal instead of a single terminated crystal.  I add rose quartz, chrysoprase and amethyst to all my pieces except for the most basic orgonite I make, field orgonite or TBs, as pictured in the column to the right.

All personal pieces are available in standard colours of blue, magenta, pink, jade green, sage, lilac and purple, plus gold (brass shavings) and natural (aluminium/copper/brass shavings).  Other colours are available upon request.

The pyramids below, except for the two smallest ones, all contain 5 copper-wrapped quartz crystals each, and are known in the orgonite community as HHGs or Holy Hand Grenades!

Large (approximate size in cms: 11 X 11 X 9) -  R200 each

Medium (approximate size in cms: 8 X 8 X 6.5) -  R125 each

Small (approximate size in cms: 5.2 X 5.2 X 4) -  R85 each

Tiny (approximate size in cms: 3.2 X 3.2 X 2.5) -  R40 each

The large plaques are particularly attractive when hung at a window, or anywhere where the light may shine through them, but they also look great when hung on a wall.

Approximate size in cms: 13.5 X 14 X 2 Price: R180 each

These heart tower busters (TBs) are suitable for use in an average sized room, and are best positioned close to a source of radiation such as your TV, computer, sound system, microwave oven, refrigerator etc.

Approximate size in cms: 6.5 X 6.5 X 2.5 Price: R60 each

Paperweights have a slighly smaller range than the heart TBs above but may be used under the same conditions.

The approximate size in cms of the domes: 6 diameter X 2 Price: R50 each

The approximate size in cms of the hearts: 8 X 8 X 1.3 Price: R50 each

Orgonite shells look really good in a bathroom or loo, but you may place them in any small space where you may need protection from EMF/EMR.

Approximate size in cms: 6.7 X 6.7 X 1.8 Price: R45 each

These small heart plaques are a good choice as a wall decoration in the bedroom, particularly in your relationships and love corner (if you follow Black Hat Feng Shui, that's the corner sector opposite your bedroom door on the right-hand side of the room).

Approximate size in cms: 8 X 8 X 1.3 Price: R60 each

All orgonite will charge water, food, lotions, potions, creams and oils, and chargers are an ideal shape for use as an energiser.  I keep one in my fridge under my water filter jug and another on my desk under my water bottle.

Approximate size in cms: 10 X 10 X 1 Price: R80 each

I add adjustable waxed cotton cord to all pendants at no extra cost.  If you'd prefer a leather thong/waxed cotton cord with attached lobster clasps and decorative chains or barrel clasps, please add R10 to the advertised prices of the variety of pendants below.

Heart pendants, fitted with silver-plated butterfly eyes, are available in many colour choices.

Large (approximate size in cms: 4.2 X 4.3 X 1.20) -  R55 each

Small (approximate size in cms: 3.3 X 3.3 X 1.2) -  R45 each

The pendants to the left are a popular choice for males.  The round pendant has a screw eye fitted instead of a butterfly eye.

Round (approximate size in cms: 4 diameter X .9) -  R45 each

Square (approximate size in cms: 2.8 X 2.8 X 1.2) -  R40 each

The mini pendants pictured alongside are available in three different shapes, and are all priced at R35 each.

Puffy heart - approximate size in cms: 2.8 X 2.8 X 1.2

Flat heart - approximate size in cms: 2.8 X 2.8 X .9

Dome - approximate size in cms: 2.8 diameter X .8

Cross pendants are fitted with screw eyes and are supplied with adjustable waxed cotton cords as standard.

The approximate size of the crosses in cms: 2.9 X 4.2 X .5

Price: R45 each

Keyrings are available in various mini shapes, and a variety of colours.  You have a choice of two clasps/chains, as well.  These keyrings, like the pendants, are intended to protect your immediate personal space.

Price: R40 each

Pocket pieces are useful for keeping on your person. The shapes consist of geometrics, flat hearts, domes, stars, and teeny pyramids, and are available in many colours.

Price: R30 each

Animals, too, are affected by EMF/EMR, so consider acquiring an orgonite tag for your pets.  The feedback I've received is that hyperactive animals fitted with pet tags calm down, while pets who are timid, become more outgoing!  You have a choice of shapes and colours, as indicated by the image alongside.

Price: R30 each

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Keywords: Orgonite, Quartz Crystals