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By: Marat  11-11-2011
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We intend to service the population by implementing an effective multisectoral ARDs strategy to:

Reduce new ARDs infections and Supporting systems enable to increase the length of a productive life.

  • To establish working relationship with other bodies, both local and international, for purpose of exchanging experience and acquiring resources (human, financial and otherwise) from them, to advance the mission and vision of the organization.
  • To network force or organization in development; in order to share responsibilities, experiences, resources to avoid duplication of programme at national, regional and international levels.
  • To lobby and advocate with relevant spheres of government and solicit the PPPP initiative.
  • An effective multisectoral ARDs strategy that brings together all efforts government, civil society and researchers.
  • To gear the nation to face the trauma of the bad political experience and regain self esteem through education and skill development as a weapon to collectively face the challenges of economic development
  • To respect human right and bury the differences of the past and join hands.
  • to see SMART goal to address national needs both in medium and long term development in terms of education, skilsl, well being and health life cycle etc.
  • To identify the people living with ARDs and promoting, raising awareness and management poverty by fostering the culture of self-help (Phahama),  through skill training.

     Attention Please!

Could you have been exposed to asbestos? Read the following to see if you fall under a category at risk. These people include those that: have had contact with asbestos through a "burst exposure" i.e. a very heavy concentration of asbestos in a limited amount of time, unusual respiratory issues, long-term dealings with asbestos, or friends or relatives of people who have worked in asbestos-related trades even if the one exposed to asbestos has no visible symptoms.

    Deep examination.

If you need more information from your doctor, don't be afraid to ask. It is vital that the initial testing is an x-ray (side and front view of your chest.) Further tests may include a pulmonary function test, blood work, a CT scan and/or biopsy. Doctors sometimes speak a language unintelligible to you. This includes compensation for life-threatening diseases that are caused by inhalation of asbestos, such as mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a tragic disease with a complex and confusing array of treatment options. Medical researchers and scientists around the country are working with patients through to develop innovative and improved treatments. If you, or a family member, have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, one of the most important steps you can make is to contact medical professionals who are trained in and experienced with the latest . Please feel free to for more information regarding available treatment centers, and visit our for the latest information. As an additional resource, please visit a website that is dedicated to providing information for mesothelioma patients and families.

    Advocacy and lawsuit.

Did you know there is no time limit for filing an asbestos lawsuit? We can help you receive compensation no matter when you were exposed. Simply contact us to start the process.

Keywords: Asbestos