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By: Mactel Services  11-11-2011
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Streamlined and packed with the absolute latest in small to medium business PABX technology, these feature rich systems have broken all expectations regarding PABX systems in their class.Their modular design means that clients requiring an initially small & simple system, can start out with the lowest possible costs, but are not bound to a small system as their needs grow. With a minimum configuration of 3 telephone lines, and 8 extensions, and a maximum configuration of 27 telephone lines and 72 extensions (and that before you count ISDN & SIP digital lines) this system has just about every business covered, yet allows you to only pay for what you need, as you need it.Add to this the potential for a built in talking automated attendant, and full voicemail services for all systems users, these PABX systems already have the market cornered, even before you factor in the outstanding reputation for reliability that they have built over the last few years.Another valuable addition is the battery backup options, that unlike a typical UPS system, can keep the system running for hours & even days depending on your specific requirements. "Load Shedding" is a thing of the past for our systems.NEC XN120 PABX : PHILIPS IPC100 : From simply reporting on excessive system usage and cutting costs, to helping answer complicated questions pertaining to sales and return business from new clients, and even allowing two or more business to run on the SAME PABX system & pay their own usage fairly, no modern office should be operating without a good telephone management system.These devices not only help to keep things running smoothly during short power outages, but can do a great deal to help protect against other problems such as power surges that often do a lot of damage when power is reconnected, and even help to protect your valuable PABX equipment against lightning damage.This can also help relieve traffic on your existing land lines by taking the demands of outgoing cellular calls away from them.

An ESSENTIAL component in almost any office today, these devices can literally save thousands of Rands per year for even relatively small businesses, and should never be left out, however as with all things, the question as to how MANY units a business requires is also something that needs to be carefully considered. Some service providers may try to sell you too many of these devices, and this can eat unnecessarily into the potential cost saving that they provide.

We will gladly assist you in understanding how these units work, will help you decide on how many units you need, and will also fully justify to you HOW we came to these conclusions, as this is information we believe needs to be shared freely with the customer in order for them to make beneficial & informed decisions.Furthermore, as NASHUA agents, we can help you get set up with the correct devices & airtime packages, and all units contracted through us receive free service & maintenance for as long as we are signed as your premicell service provider.

Keywords: Service Providers