By: Mac-eden Estate  11-11-2011
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Our primary product is to supply you with top quality Macadamia Nuts.  Available for export or locally in the following styles:-
STYLE 0 :  95% wholes>21mm (used in high quality snack products)
STYLE 1:   95% wholes>17mm  (used for snack products and chocolate coating.)
STYLE 2:  50% wholes > 13mm (used in food dishes, confectionery and snack products)
STYLE 4:  50% halves 10-15mm (fantastic for baking, muesli mixes & snacks)
STYLE 5:  80% chips and pieces 7-12mm  (ideal in snack bars, salads, stir-fries, muffins & biscuits)
STYLE 7:  80% chips and pieces 3-5mm (great in ice-creams, biscuits, smoothies, porridge!)

These nuts are nitrogen flushed ,vacuum packed and sealed in 11,34kg boxes for export.  We will of course do our best to meet your specific requirements!

Macadamia Nuts are an excellent form of protein, contain no trans-fatty acids and no cholesterol and has  plenty of slow-release energy.  With heart-attacks and diabetes on the increase, this product should be incorporated into everyone’s daily diet.  We have endeavored to make this product more readily available to the baking industry, as well as to every household in the form of ….

This allows for easy application, supplied wholesale in bulk and also to the retail in the form of 50g convenience packets.


       200g convenient storage tubs of macadamia nuts in the following flavours:

  • Natural
  • Cajun Spice (New)
  • Roasted Salted
  • R/Salted & cranberry mix (New)

(Also available in bulk). An excellent Corporate Gift idea/Golf Days/keep in your car or on your desk!
As our label says.”A high quality snack anytime!”


  • 500g Tub of Original Macadamia Marzipan(New)
  • Made with no artificial ingredients and loads of macadamia nuts, this makes a very healthy sweet and ideal for covering in chocolate.
  • A new and original South African Product!
  • Available in bulk to innovative chocolatiers.


  • 125g packets of Coffee Macadamia Biscotti – so good it’s addictive!    
  • Available in bulk to upmarket coffee shops to serve alongside coffee.
  • 30g convenient Macadamia Ruskotti packs for coffee trays in the hospitality industry as well 
  • as strategically placed next to self-help coffee machines for people on the run.

100g bottles of Macadamia & Basil Pesto.  Using only fresh ingredients, its
unique nutty flavor makes a delicious crudite dip when mixed with smooth
cottage cheese – a healthy snack! Freezes well.  Great on pizza, pasta, added to
mash, stir-fry, soups etc. Also available wholesale in 1litre buckets.


  • Delicious Mac-Marzipan Chocolates ( a real winner in the hospitality industry)
  • Decadent Macadamia & Cranberries in either a dark (Mac-Delight) or white
    chocolate (Mac-Dreamy).


Our “Nutcracker” of Roasted Salted Macadamia’s & Cranberries makes a unique table decoration or an ideal Christmas thought.

Keywords: Coffee