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   The Company is able to prepare and provide information required of the Accounting profession.

Accounting Officers

   The Company is able to accept office as Accounting Officer in terms of the Close Corporation Act, 1984. It currently holds office to in excess of 300 Close Corporations.

Business Advisors to Owner Drivers

   The Company is involved in managing 225 Owner Drivers. It started its involvement as Business Advisors for Owners Drivers at the implementation of the Amalgamated Beverage Industries Owner Driver Scheme in 1992. It was involved with the implementation of the Holcim (South Africa) Affirmative Action Owner Driver Scheme in 1997, and the implementation of the Dawn Cargo Owner Driver Scheme in 2009.


   The Company is able to undertake all Bookkeeping activities. It utilises the computer software package Pastel for capturing books of account. It is able to complete and submit all monthly, bi-monthly and annual statutory returns for all types of businesses.

Financial Consultants

   The Company consults on a regular basis to the general public and small business owners on all aspects of finance. The Company has been identified by many as a valuable source of obtaining expert, unbiased and professional advice regarding financial matters, and every year sees a marked increase in the number of individuals that it consults and counsels with.

Income Tax Consultants

   The Company specialises in Income Tax consulting. It consults on personal salary structuring, and completes and submits income tax returns on behalf of the General Public, Sole Proprietor businesses and Close Corporations. Staff regularly attends seminars in order to keep abreast of changes to Income Tax legislation. The Company utilises the computer software package Taxware for the administration of its Income Tax department.

Life Assurance, Unit Trust, and Medical Aid Brokers

   The Company is able to facilitate the Life Assurance, Unit Trust Investments and Medical Aid requirements of its clients. The Company is a licensed Financial Services Provider in terms of Section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002. It is accredited with the South African Medical and Dental Council.

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

   The Company prepares Annual Financial Statements for its clients in terms of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. It utilises the computer software package Caseware for the preparation of Annual Financial Statements.

Small Business Training

   The Company has developed a small business training programme that it regularly presents to newly-appointed Owner Drivers. The course consists of training on Legal Requirements, Insurance, Payroll Procedures, Labour Relations, Cash and Bank Management, Recordkeeping, Budgeting, and Business Evaluation. This training course is updated regularly whenever changes in legislation dictate, or whenever additional information is deemed to be of relevance to Owner Drivers.

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