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By: M&a Timbers  11-11-2011

We stock a wide variety of species and different profiles.

The preferred profile is a reeded one face reverseable with a flat rear face with all four corners  pencil round profile.

Yellow Balau

This specie, imported from the far east and also known as Bangkiria is perhaps the most well known of all the decking species.It has been extensively used in major developements including all the Cape Town Waterfront Decking.

Available in 19 x 90,21 x 96 and 21 x 140mm


A South American timber which has gained wide spread accceptance as an alternative to Balau over the past 5 years.Lighter in colour than balau it is also available kiln dried.

 Available in 19 x 90 and 19 x 95mm


The Rolls Royce of Decking timbers is rated as extremely durable and carries a class A fire rating.Expensive and rare.

Available in  19 x 90


Locally grown and harvested this light pink timber offers a very good value for money

Available in 21 x 100,140


A dark red timber imported from Brazil.Is Available withh FSC certification but at a price.

Available in 19 x 90


A highly figured timber from South America, it gets its nick name from the dark black streaks which run through it.

Available in 19 x 90

Remember a deck is only as good as it’s substructure.We recomend that  Balau or CCA treated Pine is used for substructures

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Rough sawn timber : M&A Timbers

We are able to supply all the timber required for your home,school or business project.From one plank to one thousand we can help with supply of all the solid timber items required. We carry all of the species listed on our species page in 25,38 and 50mm and some in thicker stock up to 100mm.In imperial measurements 1,1.5,2 or 3 and 4.


Garage door cladding : M&A Timbers

This is tongue and grooved meranti slats for garage doors.We import the finshed product from malaysia and indonesia as well as running our own slats in our machine shop.This is the most economical way of making a timber garage door and the profile we use is compatible with most of the other profiles available in the market.If you are only looking for a few slats to repair an old door then we should be able to assist. We can also try to match a profile for you if you hav