Luminos - S12 - Single 1x2 Switch

By: Luminos Industries  11-11-2011

The single 1x2 switch is a standard 1x2 configuration with 3 fibers and 2 states.

Optical Connectivity

The following diagrams show the optical connections for the different states. The numbers identify the fiber endpoints. In state 1, fibers 1 and 3 are connected. In state 2, fibers 1 and 2 are connected.

Single 1X2 Switch Options

S12 -X1 -X2 -X3 -X4 -X5 -X6 -X7

X1: Fiber Type
X2: Latching
X3: Connectors
X4: Cables
X5: Cable Length
1 1.0 Meter (Default)
2 0.5 Meter
3 2.0 Meters
X6: Voltage
X7: Loss

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