By: Urethane Protecast  05-06-2011
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Urethane Protecast is pleased to present you with this business profile. We believe that the polyurethane market is in its mature stage and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully address your needs.

Our goal is to helping our customers meet the highest quality standards and effect on going improvements in productivity and cost savings.
 We have successfully served the Mining industry since 1989. The company’s mission is to keep on providing our customers with only the best quality products, services and our professional and technical knowhow and design capabilities.

Why rubber line if you can POLYURETHANE LINE...?

Polyurethane has better abrasion resistance to fine particles. It also has lower tooling costs. In the right application, polyurethane linings will out-wear comparable rubber linings. It is often possible to substitute a thinner polyurethane lining in place of a thicker rubber lining without sacrificing wear.

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Keywords: Polyurethane Manufactures

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