Bee Hives

By: Ecowood  11-11-2011

Ecowood® bee hives are manufactured from the same enduring material as our decking.  The hives are based on standard Langstroth dimensions to seamlessly blend in with other hive components.  The hives are supplied in an easily assembled flat-pack form.

This offers you the following advantages:


Low cost of maintenance


Excellent weatherability


Low Transport Cost


Light weight


Insect Proof

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Ecowood Wood Composite Compounds

Gone are the days of wood as a cheap filler, substituting polymer, and here are the days of extrudable and injection mouldable wood as a substitute for both traditional polymers, as well as natural wood. Closely following the cost implications of the design, the WPC compound to be used and the particular conversion technique to be used in order to optimise the economics of the process.



The use of waste renewable natural fibres also makes this deck a must for the environmentally conscious who care for the forests of the globe. This offers a decking material with inherent moisture repelling characteristics, which eventually leads to lower maintenance. The deck contains UV stabilisation to ensure a longer life in African conditions and the minimum maintenance.


Burial Caskets

A dome casket in raw form supplied as a flatpack with the four sides and two half dome lids. Finished caskets are trimmed and finished with conventional handles and linings. The construction also make the caskets suitable for cremation purposes. The ultimate solution for the casket manufacturer.


Door Frames

Ecowood® Door Frames are manufactured with a registered design profile that facilitates easy attachment to existing walls or building into a new wall. Factory fitted Hinges & Striker Plate. Move mouse pointer over door frame.


Wood Composite Extrusion Dies

We design, manufacture and supply extrusion tooling for wood composite profiles according to the highest manufacturing standards. All dies are run in our factory before despatch to any destination worldwide. The dies are shipped with a sample of the profile that was run on that die.