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By: Free Fax Online  11-26-2012
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Get a FREE 086 Fax2Email number IMMEDIATELY and start enjoying benefits from cost saving (use less paper, ink and electricitywith a fax machine) to convenience (receive your faxes WHEREVER you can accessyour e-mail. This can be your PC, laptop, cellphone, tablet or other mobiledevices) andSO MUCH MORE!

No more wasting time waiting for faxes –they come to you!

This works well for personal and organizational use,and there's simply NO REASON to NOT use it.

And all you need to have is just E-mail.

The service also allows you to log in andchange the recipient e-mail address if ever need be, so you never need tochange your fax number again.EVER!!!


You can sign up as many fax numbers, for as manyindividuals, as you need.

You can also setup one fax number to send copies offaxes to an additional e-mail address, which allows for better archiving anddocument management.



The sign up process takes seconds and youget your Fax Number IMMEDIATELY!

Go to and get one for yourself, and share with others...

If you don’t have Internet Access to go tothe site and sing up, then send the message “Sign Me Up” toand we will sign you up ourselvesthen send you backthe fax number, and you will receive the confirmatione-mail.

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Email To Fax

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