Civil, Structural and Enviromental Management

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3.1.1 Municipal infrastructure

Ø  Gravel and Surfaced Roads,

Ø  Pavement Management Systems for Gravel and Surfaced Roads,

Ø  Stormwater Drainage; Open and Pipe Drainage Systems, Stormwater Detention Ponds, Flood Damage Investigations and Reporting etc,

Ø  Subsoil Drainage Systems,

Ø  Water Reticulation Design,

Ø  Sewerage Reticulation Design,

Ø  Water Demand and Water Loss Management Systems,

Ø  Water Purification Plant Analysis and Design,

Ø  Sewer Treatment Plant Analysis and Design,

Ø  Engineering Master Planning for Structure Plans and Integrated Development Plans, and

Ø  Planning, Design, Tender Documentation, Implementation and Construction Supervision for conventional and Labour Intensive Contracts.

3.1.2 Water resources and sanitation

Ø  Water Resources Planning,

Ø  Regional and Local Water Supply Schemes,

Ø  Outfall and Interceptors Sewers,

Ø  Rising Mains and Sewer Pump Stations, and

Ø  Bulk Water Supply Schemes Including Pipelines, Pump-stations, Reservoirs and Water Towers.

Ø  Planning and Design of Dams,

Ø  Dam Safety Inspections,

Ø  Storage and Yield Analysis of Dams,

Ø  Catchments Hydrology and Flood Analysis of Dams.


3.2.1 Traffic &transportation

Ø  Transportation Planning,

Ø  Transportation Economics,

Ø  Traffic Impact Studies,

Ø  Transportation Facilities including Major Intermodal Transport Interchanges,

Ø  Transport Policy Formulation,

Ø  Public Transport Infrastructure Designs, and

Ø  Distribution Management Systems.

3.2.2 Major roads and highways

Ø  Route Selection, Planning and Geometric Designs,

Ø  Stormwater Drainage including Side Drains, Culverts, Bridges, Cut-off Drains, Sub-surface Drainage, etc,

Ø  Materials Investigations, Selection and Pavement Design for Flexible and Rigid Pavements,

Ø  Road Safety Audits, and

Ø  Road Rehabilitation.


Ø  Multi-storey Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Complexes,

Ø  Reinforced Concrete Design,

Ø  Structural Steel Design,

Ø  Pre-stressed Concrete Design,

Ø  Composite Structural Design,

Ø  Structural Masonry and Timber Design,

Ø  Bridges and Culverts Design,

Ø  Deep Foundation Designs,

Ø  Concrete and steel fluid Retaining Structures,



Ø  Project Management Unit (PMU) for Municipalities and Governmental Departments,

Ø  Management of Housing Development,

Ø  Development Infrastructure Upgrading Projects,

Ø  Management of Rural and Urban Community Based Labour Intensive Projects,

Ø  Cost Control Systems,

Ø  Management Information Systems for Single/Multi-disciplinary Projects, and

Ø  Project Facilitation and Community Empowerment.

3.5. Mechanical and Electrical

Ø  Fire protection and detection

Ø  Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Ø  High voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) distribution and transmission network

Ø  Energy management

3.6. Environmental Management

Ø  Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) in general;

Ø  Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs);

Ø  Environmental Management Plans (EMPs);

Ø  Environmental monitoring and auditing;

Ø  Registration and Licensing of water users;

Ø  Assessing water requirements for basic human needs and riverine ecology;

Ø  Determining stream-flow assimilative capacity for pollution loads;

Ø  Water quality guidelines and management plans;

Ø  Industrial wastewater treatment and disposal;

Ø  Social Impact Assessments (SIAs); and

Ø  Public participation and consultation.

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