GAR24: Protecting your assets and generating extra income

By: Die Gesondheidsgesin  02-06-2013
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Protect your assets and create a supplementary income For the first time in 50 years I feel relaxed about my short-term insurance, simply because a friend told me how I can protect myself against the pitfalls of average and many other insurance-related problems. As I progressed with the recording of my assets in a register, I realized how exposed I had been to under-insurance, average and associated losses. Nobody else cares more about my assets or financial position than myself. If I don't take action, nobody else will. On the contrary, the parties upon which we rely for protection have a financial interest in the fact that we will have losses. When you suffer losses, insurers usually pay only the minimum they can get away with and if they can they will apply average. Afterwards, they will usually increase their premiums. A large percentage of new cars is stolen in South Africa at some stage. Did you know that, in addition to the engine and chassis number there are more than a dozen other methods to positively identify your vehicle? Why are you not informed about this? Insurers do not do it for the same reasons mentioned above. The Government does not do it because purchases to replace stolen items generate a huge income via GST. Very few homeowners are in a position identify each missing item after a loss. It is very frustrating to discover previously unidentified lost items weeks or months after a burglary by which time your insurance claim has been finalised. Your loss becomes permanent, despite expensive insurance premiums. GAR24 - a tool to protect yourself Protect yourself against under-insurance, average, losses due to incomplete claims and more by becoming a member of GAR (Global Assets Register). The GAR system empowers you to determine exactly what has been lost during an incident and gives you peace of mind that your claim is complete. You also know that your full claim will be paid out without the risk of average being applied, because your complete list of assets was pre submitted to your insurer. Furthermore GAR enables you to positively identify individual stolen items. This helps the police to combat crime, because the owners of stolen items can be easily identified and traced. GAR enables you to record details of your assets in a secure, anonymous electronic register to which you have secure access at any time and from any locality. It gives you peace of mind when you see a register of all your possessions. When the trauma of losses arises, it helps you to find emotional closure. It helps you with reporting to the police and also to submit complete and successful insurance claims. In some countries the police have a system whereby the person who has been robbed is given the option to meet the thief. This helps to provide emotional closure but it also serves as a deterrent because it has been found that may thieves change their habits when they realise the impact of their actions on the suffering party. GAR24 creates an organized environment for a flexible, identifiable asset portfolio for more accurate insurance, more accurate premium income for insurers, more accurate coverage for clients and reduced risk. GAR also protects buyers of second-hand goods - few people realise that if you purchase stolen items, you forfeit your money if the goods are reclaimed. GAR creates a moral barrier against crime, hampering the trade in stolen goods, sheds light on fraud and inaccurate insurance claims, reduces costs, reduces claims, improves the recovery rate of stolen property and promotes successful prosecution. Security of information and costs The GAR24 system is designed to ensure complete anonymity, even from GAR24 itself. (Only your insurer has access to your personal information, addresses, ID no. etc. - the information is not stored on GAR. All communication with the insured can only take place via the insurer) All the benefits, resources and facilities of the GAR are at your disposal for a mere R20 per month. You can select to pay annually, bi-annually or at other frequencies to limit bank charges. * A safe, reliable asset register accepted by insurers and recommended by law enforcers * Protection against average, under-insurance, theft, insecurity * Immediate coverage of new purchases * Combating crime (reducing crime-associated violence in the long term)    A dynamic source of income Once you experience the peace of mind brought about by seeing your completed asset register lodged with your insurer, you automatically qualify as a marketer of this brilliant and important facility to your family, friends and acquaintances. You simply tell them how you feel now that you are protected against average and your assets are safer than ever. You only need a few people to join GAR, to earn back your R20 per month. When those that you have intrduced to GAR begin to tell others your income will soon exceed your fee and you can use the 8-level GAR network to generate an unlimited income! Visit the GAR website at for more information, or talk to me. Click this link to register: Click here  Kind regards, Jan Greeff E-mail: [email protected] Skype: jan.greeff Tel. 014 736 6676

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