By: Lorge  11-11-2011

Sage CRM enables companies to capture and action customer service issues - ensuring a satisfying and consistent customer service experience for the customers. Establishing achievable service level agreements with customers is an excellent tool to help improve communications, manage expectations, clarify responsibilities between businesses and their customers and build the foundations for a win-win relationship.

  • Workflow capabilities in Sage CRM ensure that the exceptional customer service levels which are expected in the post-recession climate are consistently met every time.

  • Triggers and alarms allow customer service teams to ensure that queries are followed up in a timely manner so that issues don't get "lost between the cracks" and that demanding customers are served efficiently and effectively.

  • Knowledge management capabilities make it easier to capture remedies related to specific issues which may recur over time, enabling users to find information quickly and easily, ultimately resulting in improved customer care.

  • Integrated with Sage ERP systems, Sage CRM provides customer service agents with complete customer information enabling them to answer queries confidently and accurately.

  • Real time monitoring of SLA's ensures that customer service cases are progressed in accordance with SLA requirements, driving customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Self-service capabilities empower customers to securly access CRM data over the web in a convenient manner, enabling customers to service their own information requirements while reducing the resource overhead to the business.

  • Sage CRM reports and dashboards provide detailed analysis on metrics such as call volume, case resolution times, communications, follow-up statistics and escalations; enabling management to quantify the performance of their agents - a key requirement for companies entering the recovery with fewer staff on board.

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