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By: Logogog  11-11-2011
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What South Africa needs more than anything else is a growing number of entrepreneurs – individuals who have the passion required to start businesses and make it successful. This is the only sustainable way to create wealth for themselves and much-needed employment for others. Unfortunately, South Africans are a little reluctant to do that, probably because historically, entrepreneurship was never seen as a viable career option.

Eric Parker, who is passionate about entrepreneurship and determined to promote it as a career of choice, decided to change all that. The first edition of his book Run Your Own Business and Make Lots of Money, first published in 2003, kindled the entrepreneurial flame in thousands of South Africans of all walks of life. In the small South African market, where a book of this nature is considered a best-seller when it sells 2 500 copies, Run Your Own Business and Make Lots of Money sold over 30 000.

Throughout the period the book was on sale, Eric hadn’t been idle. He took every opportunity to discuss the book with prospective and established entrepreneurs, gave lectures and wrote articles on entrepreneurship. At the end of each one of these interactions, he extended an invitation to his diverse audiences to provide feedback on their experiences. They responded magnificently and the gist of the wisdom that was distilled from their experiences is contained in the new edition of this book.

The book before you is not merely an update of an existing title but a comprehensive rewrite that brims over with practical advice. Regardless of whether you have read the original version or not, it will provide you with fresh insights and unlock the entrepreneur in you. It will take you from self-assessment – will you be happy as an entrepreneur – to the implementation stage, all presented in simple and easy-to-follow steps. Best of all, it will teach you how to achieve your dream of creating wealth for yourself and your family to enjoy while having fun along the way.

Eric Parker is widely sought-after as a strategist and speaker on entrepreneurship, business renewal and expansion. Working closely with his long-term collaborator Kurt Illetschko, he has published a large number of books focussing on the promotion of entrepreneurship and franchising.

Run Your Own Business and Make Lots of Money is published by Frontrunner Publishing and is available from 31 May 2008 at all leading bookstores for R139.00

Keywords: Publishing