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By: Local Ink  11-11-2011
Keywords: Printer Cartridges, Compatible Printer Cartridges

Original Printer Cartridges Original printer cartridges are printer cartridges that are made by the respective printer manufacturers. All our original printer cartridges are guaranteed to be brand new, not expired and unlike most printer cartridge retailers we will refund or replace your original cartridge should you have any problems with them as all our cartridges are sourced from reputable local suppliers. Compatible printer cartridges are an aftermarket alternative to original printer cartridges. Our compatible printer cartridges deliver the same quality and page yield as the original printer cartridges and if you feel you are not happy with the quality or you did not receive an adequate page yield you can return them for a full refund. Paper products Printers We also supply a comrehensive range of printers. We supply printers from entry level inkjet printers right up to heavy duty laser printers. We will always assess your printing needs making sure that we supply you with the most efficient printer for your needs and help you save money. You can to view our current hardware accessories special. We also stock a wide range of stationery products for many differents brands so you are welcome to get a quote or check out our special below.
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Keywords: Compatible Printer Cartridges, Printer Cartridges