Policy Manager 2000 Overview

By: Linksa  11-11-2011


Policy Manager 2000 (PM2000) is a system that utilises the latest Windows Software Technology and has been specifically designed and written for the International Insurance Industry. What's more, it delivers superior solutions to every aspect of the insurance arena. From claims and clients to accounts and risk schedules, you can rest assured PM2000 is the premium insurance solution for your every business need.

PM2000 provides the Broker or Underwriter with an extremely sophisticated administration system, management control system as well as incorporating important 'added value' to the services made available to their client base.

In addition, PM2000 allows the User to effortlessly interact their data with many third party software applications that include Crystal Report Writer, Excel, Internet, HTML, Word and many others.

PM2000 makes use of the Borland InterBase 6.0 Database Engine as a default. Depending on certain Client circumstances, it has the ability to utilise the MSSQL or Oracle database - the advantage being increased security, faster access via a WAN or LAN, as well as allowing itself to be accessed by Drill Down Analysis Application Systems.

Over 120 'Set Up' tables incorporated into the database control PM2000's Take-On procedure. This allows ease of input in many of the fields through various 'Drop Downs'. The advantage of this method of input is that it minimises the amount of keystrokes required to enter Client details as well as improving the speed of input. What's more, by employing this method of input, one can ensure conformity of input, which translates into more accurate reporting and analysis