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By: Lindros  11-11-2011

In our consulting work we come across a variety of products that are valuable in the organic agricultural work.

We thoroughly research those products before we recommend them.

Effective Microorganisms or EM is a mixed culture of beneficial microorganisms that can be applied as an inoculant to increase the microbial diversity of environments.  These include the soil, plants, animals and others.

        Beauty and water regeneration through sculpted vessels 

  1. SOLUTIONS 4     Probiotic

  2. SOLID SOLUTIONS 4     Waste Water & Ponds Liquid

  3. SOLID SOLUTIONS 4       Soils / Compost

  4. REAL SOLUTIONS 4         Calves

  5. REAL SOLUTIONS 4         Cattle

  6. REAL SOLUTIONS 4          Horses

  7. REAL SOLUTIONS 4          Silage

  8. REAL SOLUTIONS 4          Poultry

  9. SMART SOLUTIONS 4      Foliar Feed

  10. SMART SOLUTIONS 4      Insecticide

  11. SMART SOLUTIONS 4      Insect Repellent

  12. SMART SOLUTIONS 4      Plant Tonic


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The orientation that I am currently working withmy consulting and training is one that I have developed trying to meet the needs of the current situation in South Africa. Lindros has the only registered Organic Training program, with the National Department of Labor under their skills development program. I have over 34 years practical experience with Organic and Biodynamic agriculture gathered in four countries.