LIGHTNIN - Commissioning Services

By: Lightnin Mixers  11-11-2011
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LIGHTNIN supports the job-site commissioning of your LIGHTNIN equipment to ensure that the equipment is configured to LIGHTNIN start-up specifications. The checks and measures performed by a certified LIGHTNIN Technician ensure your mixer a trouble free start-up. Completion of the LIGHTNIN commissioning process can result in double the standard LIGHTNIN warranty.

Commissioning Services Include:

  • Provide hands-on or supervisory assistance in configuring the equipment for start-up
  • Check power at the equipment to confirm proper operation and loading
  • Check power at the control room to confirm proper voltage
  • Perform vibration diagnostics to measure unit mounting and operation limits of the equipment
  • Test external bearing temperatures to ensure proper bearing performance
  • Check high-speed coupling alignment to ensure conformance to factory tolerances
  • Measure shaft run-out to ensure conformance to specifications
  • Visually inspect the equipment for any abnormalities that could jeopardize optimal equipment performance
  • Complete a comprehensive LIGHTNIN Commissioning Checklist to confirm that all equipment specifications are met, and that all LIGHTNIN recommended start-up procedures are completed
  • Provide a follow-up Commissioning Report that captures the equipment's start-up baseline data and serves as the foundation for the equipment's ongoing maintenance records

Why Should Your Company Use LIGHTNIN Commissioning Services?

  • Reduce Down Time
  • Ensure Problem Free Start-Up
  • Reduce Costly Production Losses
  • Reduce Parts Inventory
  • Reduce Annual Operating Expenses
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Keywords: Parts Inventory

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LIGHTNIN - Aftermarket Services

Equipment Audits -- By identifying the early signs of equipment degradation, and incorporating equipment condition intelligence into the capital planning process, LIGHTNIN equipment audit services helps reduce costly unplanned downtime and maximize the return on capital investments. When your need is urgent and after regular business hours, call our 24-hour response team hotline at 1-888-MIX-BEST.


LIGHTNIN - Aftermarket Services Overview

When you partner with LIGHTNIN, you can be assured of reliable, responsive service from our growing network of worldwide dedicated service centers and local LIGHTNIN Sales Representatives. Putting LIGHTNIN to work for you allows your company to focus on the productivity and profitability of your core business processes, while we keep your mixers up and running.


LIGHTNIN - Equipment Upgrade Services

Following an Equipment Audit, LIGHTNIN Engineers and your local LIGHTNIN Sales Representative will identify cost-effective conversion and exchange opportunities that will reduce your total cost of ownership, while minimizing your capital investment risk. LIGHTNIN offers a wide-range of equipment upgrade programs designed to help you avoid costly unplanned downtime and repairs associated with old or obsolete equipment.


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LIGHTNIN's repairs and rebuilds are held to original manufactured standards and include the same warranty as new equipment. LIGHTNIN is the only supplier of original equipment for Gearbox Exchange Services for industrial mixers and agitators. Exchange services allow the customer to get a direct replacement gearbox for a fraction of the cost of a new one.


LIGHTNIN - Extended Storage Services

Whether you need to store new equipment until plant start-up, or need to decommission and store existing equipment, LIGHTNIN provides extended storage services to ensure that your equipment is properly prepared for, and maintained during storage. Wrap the reducer and all oil seals with protective material to prevent moisture, dirt and any other contaminates from damaging the equipment.


LIGHTNIN - Installation Management Services

A certified LIGHTNIN Technician supervises job-site contractors to ensure that proper installation procedures are followed and the unit is configured properly for start-up. The presence of a certified LIGHTNIN Technician ensures that installation procedures followed by job-site contractors do not compromise the equipment warranty.