By: Lexstar Trustees  11-11-2011
Keywords: Estates, Creditors, Liquidation

We accept appointments to act as Liquidators/Trustees/Judicial Managers and thereby provide the following services:

the administration of insolvent estates, individuals and decease;
the administration of insolvent estates, Companies and Close Corporations placed in liquidation;
the administration of companies placed under judicial management;
the administration of decease estates;

Our performance and duties include the following:

to immediately take control and to secure estate assets;
to establish the whereabouts and recover all assets to dispensed to the benefit of creditors;
to adhere to and comply with all applicable statutory provisions relating to our administration;
to consult with creditors in order to advise as to the situation, as well as to receive their instructions in all matters;
to investigate the affairs of the company and the conduct of directors or members and insolvents;
to report in regard to possible contravention and to assist in possible statutory prosecutions;
to receive and consider claims for allowances against the estates;
to divide available funds for distribution to creditors according to the statutory provisions laid down and to see to the payments of such dividends;
to report to the Master of the High Court on all matters and to comply with the Masters requirements in all aspects;
to see to the finalization of estates according to statutory provisions;

In addition to these main services and functions to provide the following in a lessor manner:

consultation and advise on all matters to interested parties;
the registration of special resolutions for voluntary liquidation of Companies and Close Corporations, either by member or creditors;
Advice on the possibility and benefits of corporate recoveries;
Cross Border insolvencies.

Keywords: Creditors, Estates, Liquidation