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By: Leutech Brooklyn  11-11-2011
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Ross Fyffe & Associates, in collaboration with a number of accredited associates and specialist partners, provides a range of business advisory services. Our access to a pool of South African as well as international business coaches and business advisers allows us to address a variety of needs.Why don't you put us to the test in your business? You may find out what other business owners are now doing to beat you at your game.
Have you ever wondered why some sport teams and some individual sportsmen do so well while many simply fade into obscurity despite obvious talent? Don't make the same mistake in business .. let someone look at your business game and show you the business equivalent of keeping your head down, swinging through the ball, and improving other areas of your game plan... The difference between many successful businesses and the rest can often be distilled to one simple fact. A successful business has everybody heading in the same direction. Just this one simple thing makes a massive difference to the energy, the motivation and the probability of success in almost any endeavour. Most businesses owners that have had some exposure to a business strategy plan regard this as either unaffordable or a load of BS. They are wrong.. Of the various businesses I had had the privilege of working with over the past 12 months, only one had a business plan at all. That is really a very small percentage. Which indicates the minimal importance that business owners attribute to having a road map to success - or put differently, how much more important it is to deal with that immediate crisis with customer X and that problem with the workshop or countless other operational issues that inundate us on a daily basis. SIo there is little time to map the road ahead, and so little chance to see if we're on track... Once a year many business owners will have their personal vital statistics (such blood pressure, cholesterol count, etc) checked out by their GP. While they live with their bodies all day, and know exactly how it feels, and behaves and suffers from babalaas, they also know that they if they get some expert outside opinion, it can save them (more so their families) a great deal of heartache in the future. However, little thought is actually given to ensuring that the machine which is ultimately responsible for their livelihoods does not have the bonnet lifted to check out its vital statistics... When a business owner wants to start a new business, it really is incredible how many stumbling blocks have been created by the powers that be. It's bad enough having to deal with planning the business, financing it, employing the right staff, marketing, dealing with competitors, and all these things that we must do before the business starts to generate money - but we are then lumbered with registering a company or close corporation, registering for company tax, VAT, UIF and PAYE registration, Workmen's compensation, setting up the company register, appointing auditors or accounting officers and so on. So, what other, easier way is there .. Okay, so now you have a new company in place - or you have been running for some time, but you have little visibility in the market place. You'll need some "below-the-line" advertising as well as some strategically placed ads in the correct media which have impact. But those ad agencies charge a fortune and you don't have that to spend so you consider some self designed desk top publishing, print some brochure and business card on you ink jet printer and off you go. Three months later, and you have concluded that advertising sucks, and you're in much the same boat as you were. So what's wrong .. .
Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, you discover that surfing the Internet is how your business will become known to your customers in the future - and how your future customers will buy your goods and services. But are you and your business ready to do this? There are many offers around for designing your web page, and these prices are often really good. There is a problem with this approach however, and the chances are that whatever you have built will cost you a heck of a lot more than you initially thought (via those famous hidden costs). But these problems can be avoided by following a (nearly) failsafe approach.. According to CIPR0 (the Company and Intellectual Property Registration Office of the DTI), the penalty for late submission of an annual return for a Private Company or Close Corporation is R150-00. This is no big amount, but they go on to say that if this is not done within 6 months of the due date, then the company will be de-registered. No warnings will be given. Basically it means that if you do not comply you will not be allowed to conduct business, BY LAW. But where there is an administrative or red tape problem, there often also is a ready solution... The technological changes that have occurred in the past decade have revolutionized business. Just the very fact that you are reading this page, and have a cellular phone in your pocket are things which you would not have imagined doing just 10 to 15 years ago. So where to next? And how can you fully exploit the technological changes occurring in the world around us? What can you do in your business to profitably exploit VOIP, computers, internet and email, and other technological innovations? A good place to start is to decide what you want, of course... Isn't it interesting how in this technological age we often focus on technological answers when very often all we need is same plain old brown paper wrapping, or a paper and pencil? While behind the scenes publishing good brochures, business cards and letterheads can be really hi-tech, neither me nor my customers need to be equipped technologically in order to make effective use of printed material. However, if these are not effective or detract from the image of my business, then I should rather not have anything at all. Professional graphic designs and well crafted wording can go a long way to presenting your business when you are not there ...
Consider for a moment what would be the reaction to you if your business provided each customer with with useful, relevant, interesting and contextually relevant information on a regular basis. Imagine this enhanced your brand. Now imagine that this required absolutely zero effort on your part. What value would you place on such an incredible service?...

Keywords: Business Advisers, business plan

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