aa) Service List Legal Registers

By: Legricon  11-11-2011
Keywords: Occupational Health, health and safety

Legal Registers

Compliance to legislation will only be achieved if these basic steps are followed:

  • The organisation must make it an objective and commit itself (through policy) to be legally compliant.
  • Management must be aware of the need to be legally compliant, and must ensure this happens – effecting a culture change if necessary.
  • The relevant applicable legislation must be identified. (Legal Register).
  • The relevant applicable legislation must be made accessible to those who need to use it. (Legal Register).
  • The legal requirements should be implemented, and responsibilities assigned to individuals to ensure this.
  • Compliance should be evaluated regularly (through legal compliance audits for example) and corrective action taken.


  • The legal register is in MS Word format.
  • Indices are hyperlinked for ease of use.
  • The number of users is not restricted.
  • Updates are done quarterly.
  • The first year’s updates are included in the initial price.
  • Only legal provisions placing an obligation, prohibition or significant legal risk on the client will be included in the register.


  • National Legislation
  • Provincial Legislation
  • Local Legislation
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Safety, Health and Environment
  • All legislation applicable to an organisation

Keywords: health and safety, Occupational Health

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Cover all your bases with a comprehensive contractor occupational safety, health and environmental performance agreement that satisfy the requirements of section 37of the OHS Act, and much more. Legal compliance audits will be determined by the scope which can focus on Occupational health and safety, environmental or a combination of both.


ac) Service List Legal Compliance Audits

To present a report to the Management on the current status of compliance and make recommendations to address the deviations. Evidence for the findings and comments are obtained through physical inspection, documentation review and interviews. To evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented management systems to ensure legal compliance within the facility.