Pressed Ceiling - Installations, Repairs, Refurbishment, Underpinning and Insulation

By: Legacy Pressed Ceilings  11-11-2011
Keywords: cornice, Pressed Ceiling, Pressed Metal

New installations

Manufacture supply and fit chosen pressed ceiling panels, cornice and/or Rosa’s etc. Supply and fit new wooden lattice structure onto exciting joists/truces/rafters. Fit new pressed ceiling onto new lattice wood work. Prepare and seal pressed ceiling ready for painting.


Match panel or panels that have to be replaced or added on to the existing pressed ceiling. Underpin existing pressed ceiling, remove any damaged panels, filler, Rosa’s, cornice and damaged wood. Supply and fit new wood to match height and level of existing pressed ceiling, AND THEN fit new panels, filler, Rosa’s and cornice.


Remove the entire pressed ceiling panels, filler, cornice, roses and wooded structure. Take to factory to be refurbished. Supply and fit new wooden structure fit back the refurbished panels with new filler and cornice unless otherwise stipulated as with “cornice and filler are usually damaged to be used again”. Replace any panels that are badly damaged and can not be refurbished. Paint new panels with 1 coat red oxide.


Push and jack up sagging pressed ceiling to be reunited back to the truces/rafters/joists. Level out pressed ceiling and pin pressed ceiling in the level position, supply and fit additional wood where necessary to hold pressed ceiling into level position.

Additional services - Insulation

Supply and fit high quality insulation in the roof space between the roof and the pressed metal ceiling.Profesionally installed between the rafters and flat on the pressed metal ceiling.

Work done

Keywords: cornice, Pressed Ceiling, Pressed Metal