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By: Lebone Services  11-11-2011
Keywords: Laundry Services, Shopping Centres, Dust Control

We are a company that specializes in the new era of cleaning. Our equipment, chemicals and the way we clean are effective and very precise.

We have expertise in cleaning in the following areas ad hoc and daily contract cleaning:

  • Corporate Buildings
  • Mining sites
  • Shopping Centres and Malls
  • Commercial sites
  • Industrial sites

Dust Control Management

  • Industrial dust: Refractory, slag furnace, production dust
  • Toxic dust: HEPA and UPL filtering of PB, Sb, asbestos, chemicals, heavy metal, etc.
  • Precious dust: Platinum, gold and diamond dust, precious stones, etc.
  • Clean room: Dust pick in pharmaceutical, hospital and laboratory clean rooms.
  • Explosive dust: ATEC coded for coal, carbon, flour, acetylene, light metals
  • Extraction Units: Single and multiple extraction systems, cyclone collectors for airborne dust.
  • Bulk dust: Spillage and accumulated dusts, industrial clean-up.
  • Warehouse dust: Light dusts, floor and packaging dust.
  • Industrial Clean-up: Total dust clean-up for shut-down or maintenance.
  • Stones: Stones from blasting and construction sites.
  • Dust from: Furnaces, milling, grinding, mixing, transferring to reactors, any operation.
  • On-site collections: Compressed air, petrol, diesel and battery vacuums for on-site use.


  • Industrial effluent: Suck and collect any effluent.
  • Toxic liquids: ATEX coded for enclosed vacuum collection.
  • Sump oils: Fast cleaning for light and heavy oils and hydrocarbons.
  • Fat traps: Skimming and collection of fats and scum.
  • Chemicals: ATEX coded vacuuming of any chemical liquid.
  • Spillage: Vacuuming of spillage of oils, acids, alkalis, water plus spill kits.
  • Spill Kits: For oil, hydrocarbon and chemical spillage containment and absorption.
  • Flood water: Suck and dump vacuums for removal of flood waters.
  • Acids, alkalis: Stainless steel, titanium and fibre glass vacuum collection.

Gardening Services

Soft Landscaping which includes:
Soil preparation, composting, planting grass, planting flowers, chemical treatments for grass as well as using chemicals to kill weeds.

Mowing of lawns, tree felling, regular garden maintenance, path clearance, once off cleanups, roll-on lawn, compost fertilizers,
removing weeds and shrubs.

Laundry Services

  • Caters for : Hospitals, Clinics, Individuals, Restaurants, Salons and Mines.
  • Dry cleaning
  • Wash , Dry and Fold
  • Additional Services include:
  • Stain treatment
  • Ironing
  • Starching
  • Pick-up and Drop-off

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Water Drainage from carpets
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Rug Cleaning and
  • Sofa Cleaning.

Our Approach

We believe that a clean company sets a positive feeling in every guest or client's mind and heart. Creating a positive attitude among staff makes the company reach maximum productivity. We equip our staff with all the tools and products that they need to reduce the time spent walking back and forth to a supply closet. Each staff member gets allocated a cleaning service card so that the precise cleaning route is followed, as provided by the defined workflow.

Team cleaning is one of our strongest points. By doing team cleaning the work amount is divided equally so that each specialist can focus on one or two tasks and doing it perfectly and in depth. In that way a superior level of cleaning is achieved. The Cleaning staff is sourced from within the client's geographical area. Management goes through every aspect of cleaning that has to be done in the client's contract to ensure that there are no mistakes. Each cleaning staff member is then taken through the contract to make sure that they know what to do and how they must do it A training session is also done before they start cleaning to make sure that they know who the client is, who the client's staff are and what is expected from us as a cleaning company.

Periodic weekly and monthly training sessions on the following are also conducted: New cleaning methods, Chemical and machinery training, Health and Safety Teamwork and Client Relationship All our sites are audited every month to make sure that the service that we committed for are fulfilled at all times. Weekly and monthly inspection is held to make sure that the highest standards are kept Formal meeting with our clients is very important to us for the reason that we want to keep a very good client relationship and to make sure that if there are any problems, we can sort them out immediately. Being proactive is what we are all about and strive to perfect it.



Keywords: Dust Control, Laundry Services, Shopping Centres, vacuums

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