Layar Studio for the design and development of Layars on the Layar platform.Let us create your perfect Layar using the newest mobile augmented reality

By: Layars  11-11-2011
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Our Services

Services we provide

Layar Studio we strive to give our customers a "one stop" solution for getting their companies Layar published and working. We furthermore supply our customers with the interfaces to dynamically maintain and add to their Layar.

Layar Project Delivery

At Layar Studio we will guide you through the various types of Layars' and identify the one best suited for your business. We are able to produce proof of concept within 4 working days.

Layar Design

Our design team will ensure that your Layar ties in with your company's corporate and brand identities. We will ensure that your new Layar tie in seamlessly with the rest of your company's electronic media marketing campaigns.

Layar Hosting

Layar Studio offers a hosting service for our customer's entireLayar hosting needs. The fact that our Layar Hosting Servers are based in Europe ensure that Layar content delivery is fast and effective.

Layar Management

Layar Studio provides its customers with the choice of letting us maintain and manage your Layar or alternatively supplying you with a management interface to manage and maintain it in-house.

Keywords: Hosting Service