Lieven Langohr

By: Langohr  11-11-2011


For many years now specialising in building transformations of a high standard, Lieven takes pride in a business-like, ethical, honest and thoughtful approach regardless of whether the project in question is Residential or Industrial, Internal or External, Large or Small.

Lieven offers an all-inclusive professional service from initial consultation through architectural design with technical documentation and Council approval to, most importantly, the proper execution and final completion of the works.

The many advantages of this ‘total process’ are evident:

  • the client has to deal with just one person responsible throughout the project
  • errors and conflicts in communication are avoided
  • coordination is simplified
  • it is time-saving and cost-effective

Moreover, the client has the option to engage in any one of these services according to need or budget.

Many clients over the years have been able to watch their project grow from start to finish with the reassurance that the man in whom they have placed their trust cares as much as they do.