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By: Lancaster Band  11-11-2011

TO CLEAR UP SOME CONFUSION ABOUT THIS PROJECT LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT HERE - Tracy Klass and Lancaster Band are not getting too old to perform and they do and will continue to gig at all hours and wherever they can as often as they can. The Why Generation? gigs will be launched from time to time only to provide an alternative option to that section of the public, fans and freinds who do not wish to attend the late starting and late ending gigs that are the trend in all the live venues at the moment. The concept is being put to the test on Saturday night and thus far interest is fantastic - in fact those regulars who do prefer the late start might find it difficult to squeeze in if they arrive too late!!! There is no age discrimination bar that which governs the liquor licence. See you there for a hillarious and groove filled fat jol!!!!

So what follows is some light fun Tracy has written to present the concept to the press …

Why Generation? At Zula Sound Bar & Restaurant

It is time to take back the streets. The over 40’s need to get out on a Saturday night and go on a decent jol without fear of embarrassment or falling asleep because the gig started too late. Why Generation? Is a collaborative project, between comedienne Tracy Klass and Robin Lancaster of Lancaster Band, to provide music and comedy at a decent hour in prime night spots in our city. Prime clubs are for the most part empty up to 22h00. These gigs intend to fill that void and start the action earlier for those of you out there who want to jol but cannot manage the typical groove that starts and ends very late. These gigs however are all about breaking down barriers, so regulars who enjoy the later start are fully welcome. They can still arrive at a later hour and enjoy a discounted admission fee.

Why should the concept of a generation gap be apparent in music and comedy? It is not only the domain of the young. Older artists perform music and comedy that is relevant and whose genres appeal across the board.

The idea of taking back the streets on a Saturday night arose from a number of conversations with friends that wanted to do something other than just “eat out” at the latest and newest eatery that offer very little vibe and even smaller portions of food. Kids go out on a Saturday night and “parent taxis” have to fetch. Now there is an alternative; go out to a trendy nightspot, watch comedy, listen to some music and maybe even boogie a bit and still get to bed at a decent hour!!!

So the first Why Generation? gig commences at Zula Sound Bar and Restaurant , Long Street, Cape Town on Saturday 14th March 2009 - featuring: Tracy Klass, Lancaster Band and The Brothers Streep. doors open at 20h00 to secure a good table. The full show kicks off at 21h00 and will wrap up before midnight. Fong Kong Bantu Sound System will pick up the groove after the live band and continue untill 4H00 am for those with the stamina.

Tickets are available at the door from 20h00 at R60.00 for the full cabaret.  A discounted admission fee will apply for those regulars who still prefer a later start.

TRACY KLASS is the mother of three, Aimee 18 and Adam and Jake 15 - was the Inspiration for the title of her first solo show with fellow female comedienne Mel Jones in 2005. Doing it for the Money. The second show - Still Doing It at the Roxy in Grand West in 2006 meant nothing has really changed… approaching traditional middle age kicking and screaming.

They took a hilarious look at the daily grind and the hard work behind looking the part on a very limited budget. The words growing up gracefully - another great myth -certainly did not apply.

Currently, Tracy is the kugel in the Avis ad and is in demand for corporate functions, both as comedian and experienced MC. She regularly performs on the newly resurrected comedy circuit in Cape Town as either MC or headliner. Tracy is one of the few South African women that perform comedy on a regular basis. Subjects range from hormonal politicians to trying not to stay single in Cape Town. Besides performing comedy, Tracy is In the middle of an M.A.  …… matric again!

THE BROTHERS STREEP are Dylan Hichens and Simon van Wyk, an acoustic comedic duo from Cape Town, South Africa. Their blend of comedy and music invites you into a surreal world of extraordinary characters and obscure social commentary.

Their venture into the entertainment industry was a natural one – their joint love of comedy organically colliding with their musical skill. As the Brothers slowly started creating songs for their own enjoyment, it wasn’t long until they decided to invite others into their world by releasing their debut 2006 album, It Couldn’t Have Been Miss Scarlett, She Was With Us At The Time.

Miss Scarlett is an intimate album, recorded by The Brothers Streep using minimal equipment in their home studio. Described on Barney Simon’s show as ‘Simon and Garfunkel meets Monty Python’, the songs showcase the Brothers ability to turn anything into a story, carried by their recognizable harmonies and catchy melodies.

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We love the fact that they were instructed by the SANDF to change the band name or face detention … those were the days!!!. The Greshoff boys, Adrian, Bobby and Martin and Chris Quirk could conjure a throbbing groove and despatch a lot of blood. WHO CAN REMEMBER THESE GREAT CAPE TOWN PUNKS - PERMANENT FORCE AKA PRIVATE FILE. WHO REMEMBERS THE FREEDOM FARM FESTIVALS - HERMANUS - LATE 70?S - EARLY 80?S. Harry Lancaster & Hamish Davidson.


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Friday 18 May was another one of these with three toe-tapping bands – Lancaster Band, The City Bowl Mizers and Captain Stu and the Llamas - to keep the crowd dancing, the blood pumping and the winter out in the cold. They played a couple of slow, romantic songs for the lovers in the audience, but the delicate balance was kept in check with a good selection of bouncy songs for the singletons to bop along to.