Lake Naverone News

By: Lake Naverone  11-11-2011


Welcome to our second newsletter of 2011. Those of you who read our previous newsletter will recall we had very heavy summer rains, leading to predictions by many of a harsh winter – well, it happened: multiple snowfalls left the resort covered in snow, at times knee deep, throughout both July and August. Although it was not as cold as the winter of 2010 - this year’s lowest recorded temp was Minus 6 degs C while last years’ was Minus 9 degs C – this year’s winter was certainly more protracted, no doubt contributing to the gradual build-up of ice measured on the Duck Pond at 22mm in thickness. During one particular snowfall we even had a thunderstorm! Sani Pass had to be closed for about a week, needing heavy machinery to clear the way before it could be used again. Children staying here at the time created virtual legions of snowmen that could be seen dotted about the property, which made for a very festive sight.  And while Britain enjoyed record high October temperatures, on the 4th we woke to the sight of yet another snowfall all along the mountains!

 The frequency and sightings of eland and reedbuck in the resort increased throughout the winter, although so too did the tell-tale spoor of caracal, a sure sign that things were made tough by the conditions. Hardly a day goes by now without seeing and hearing our resident fish eagles soaring overhead, truly a thrill one does not tire of. Fish catches remain good. In fact one guest in particular, Mr Barry Watts, a regular, set himself a new and remarkable record of 51 trout caught and released during the weekend of 2-4 September, eight fish more than his previous best. Even the resort airfield has seen an increase in activity with numerous aircraft having flown in, including the largest that has used our hangar, a Cirrus.  

The Owners have introduced a new Midweek Special, whereby guests booking in from a Sunday to Wednesday are given Thursday night for free, which we hope you are able to take advantage of at some time. 

Hope to see you again soon!