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By: Lab13  11-11-2011
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Serious & Educational Games.

Serious games are computer and video games that are intended to not only entertain users, but have additional purposes such as education and training. They can be similar to educational games, yet are primarily focused on an audience outside of primary or secondary education.
Serious games can be of any genre and many of them can be considered a kind of edutainment but the main goal of a serious game is not to only entertain, though the potential of games to engage is often an important aspect of the choice to use games as a teaching tool. A serious game is usually a simulation which has the look and feel of a game, but is actually a simulation of real-world events or processes. The main goal of a serious game is usually to train or educate users, though it may have other purposes, while giving them an enjoyable experience. The fact that serious games are meant to be entertaining encourages re-use.While the largest users of Serious games are the US government and the medical sector other commercial sectors are beginning to see the benefits of such simulations and are actively seeking development of these types of tools.

Educational games are games designed to teach people, typically children or unskilled individuals, about a certain subject or help them learn a skill as they play or interact. Eductional games are very closely related to Serious games

Interested in getting your business into the arena?
Have something in mind for training your staff?
Need to develop eductional games?Contact us now and tell us what you have in mind, and let us show you how we can create it for you.

Want to visualize something for a client in 3D? Maybe, walk around in a virtual environment that you are proposing as a new development? LAB|13 can make it happen.

3D world visualization is a term used to describe viewing real world objects such as buildings, or objects. We provide the ability of interactivity to that. This form of visualization should be applied when viewing the object in 3D or experiencing a virtual environment.

For instance: You run a construction company proposing a new building on an existing piece of land set aside for the development. You have the plans all drawn up ( or not ) and you want the client to see and EXPERIENCE what your proposed development will look and feel like. Let them walk around in your construction, you can even furnish and light it to give an idea for the space etc. This was just a simple description of a possible scenario, but as you can imagine we can create a lot of virtual experiences.

Web Development, Graphic Design and Content Creation.

At LAB13, we realize that for some multimedia and web technologies can be daunting, so we guide you through the entire development process to deliver innovative solutions that meet your objectives and work for you. Our mission is to educate our clients on the latest multimedia technologies and help you develop products that educate, train and market your company's ideas and vision.

We also dont't just leave you high and dry once development is done. We provide support and training if neccesary, so you are comfortable in going forward. If you don't want to be worried with the mundane tasks such as backups, updates etc. Tell us and we can work out a plan to support you in that aspect.

Need a website designed to market your product?

Do you want to get multimedia content created for your existing site?

Need to get a logo designed for your business?

Need to showcase something as a 3D model?

At LAB13 all your web, and content needs can be met.


Need us to come out and consult you on some project that you want to do in house rather than outsource? Do you have the people and talent to complete your own projects but need advice?

No problem, give us a call.

Hosting Services. We provide hosting for the small to medium company or the individual startup. We offer affordable and reliable solutions. Flash Training.

Keywords: Games